All The Clues From The New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Trailer About The Major Upcoming Fight

by Marenah Dobin
John Fleenor/ABC

There are almost too many Bachelor in Paradise storylines to keep track of. Even when a new trailer shows clips from upcoming episodes, it can still be so unclear what to actually expect and who is involved without context. On Thursday, Aug. 8, E! News shared a new Bachelor in Paradise trailer teasing a major fight and some clues as to who is involved..

The fight has been highlighted in multiple trailers, yet it really isn't that obvious. During the commotion, Caelynn Miller-Keyes says in the trailer, "What is happening? They're like actually fighting." Yes, they are, Caelynn. But who is involved? Let's investigate. The trailer shows several intense moments before the fight is shown. At one point, Jordan Kimball observes, "Blake's making moves to half the cast out here." Could there be more Blake-adjacent drama on the way? Let's hope not.

Then, in another heated moment, Clay Harbor advises someone, "Please don't go over there." Then, an off-camera voice warns, "Don't do that, man" while Dylan Barbour is shown walking down the beach. Based on the first two episodes of the season and this dialogue, it sounds like Dylan goes at it with Blake over his frustrations with Hannah Godwin, a woman that they're both interested in.

Even with those soundbites, it's the additional footage that makes it seem like this has nothing to do with a Hannah G. love triangle. A brunette guy in white pants (brave choice given the beach setting) runs up the beach yelling, "Watch your back!" Unfortunately, his face is successfully obscured.

Still, it's very clear that this guy charges toward Jordan, who became a fan favorite last on season BiP as an original cast member. Jordan ended the season engaged Jenna Cooper. Sadly, this relationship was very short-lived thanks to their public cheating allegations from some text message screenshots. BIP is all about the text screenshots, apparently.

Pausing and rewinding aren't going to make it super clear who this guy is, but he actually solved the mystery himself on Instagram. Contestant Christian Estrada shared a video of the beach fight and wrote "Bachelor in Paradise August 5th ITS NOT GOOD TO WAKE A SLEEPING LION #bachelornation #bachelorinparadise."

Mystery solved. Well, sort of. There are probably some Bachelor franchise superfans wondering who Christian is.

Christian was a cast member on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette in 2018. Unfortunately, he did not last long, getting sent home on the first night before he could even move into the Bachelor mansion. His time on BIP doesn't seem like it will go much better (or longer). It is very likely that he will get kicked off the show for fighting, just like Chad Johnson was on Season 3.

Viewers did not get to know much about Christian on Becca's season, but his cast biography said that he was banker living San Diego, California, but he was actually born in Mexico. He played semi-professional soccer, but he retired following an injury.

Christian's soccer career was cut short. He spent less than twenty-four hours on The Bachelorette. Will he fare any better in Paradise? Or will get sent home after the big fight?