There's A Major Clue Dropped On 'Iron Fist' Season 2 About Colleen's Dad

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

Danny Rand's "barefoot billionaire" story on Iron Fist is pretty well-explained on the Netflix series, even with the whole dragon thing, so it's nice to see Colleen Wing's backstory take the spotlight a bit in Season 2. But there are still so many questions, like, who is Colleen's father on Iron Fist? The return of a family heirloom raises the mystery of the family who rejected her years ago.

Colleen Wing, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix's Iron Fist, was raised by her grandparents in Japan after her mother died and her father sent her away. In Season 1, she mentions having spoken Mandarin as a kid, presumably with her parents. Her grandfather trained her as a warrior before she ultimately ended up on her own and with the Hand. Her grandfather also seemed to know that she would ultimately become part of something bigger.

In Season 2, Episode 1, while volunteering, Colleen comes across a box marked with two cranes that we learn is her family's crest — inside is a brush and comb. That same crest is on her grandfather's katana. The search for information about this heirloom leads to Colleen getting more involved in Chinatown's gang scene than she would like. Unlike Danny, Colleen never made any promises to Matt Murdock to keep the city safe. Therefore, the search for who sent the box Colleen's way is set aside for a while. The biggest clue is a man named Frank Choi who they can't track down. Could he be her father, or related to him?

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

Then, of course, in Episode 9, a possible K'un-Lun connection to Colleen is revealed when we learn that her mother used to tell her a story about a Pirate Queen who, in the comics, possessed the Iron Fist. Her name was Wu Ao-Shi, and she married a fisherman and ultimately left K'un-Lun for her own revenge-filled path.

There isn't much about Colleen's father and grandfather in Marvel comics. Her mother died from murder, not disease as Colleen is lead to believe on the Netflix series, so that's interesting. Her grandfather did train her as a master of the martial arts in the comics, but isn't a masked vigilante or important figure in any way.

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

Professor Lee Wing, Colleen's father in the comics, taught Asian studies at Columbia University. He's actually the one who discovered that Danny, also known as the immortal Iron Fist, was back in the New York groove and sent Colleen to meet him. Lee Wing was once targeted for assassin by the Cult of Kâli and once opened the wrong book and got possessed by a character "creatively" called The Ninja, an apprentice to Master Khan.

So, finding Lee on Iron Fist might lead to more trouble, it seems. What if this is setting up a new villain? Isn't it bad enough that Davos and Mary/Walker are after them, on top of the tangled web that is Chinatown's organized crime wars? If Colleen found her father, would it solve anything? Danny is searching for his purpose and want he wants to be in Iron Fist Season 2, and Colleen is searching for answers of her own as well. While the clues about her family are not instantly revealing, they certainly are an important step towards discovery.