Who Is Dean From 'The Bachelorette'? Rachel's Suitor Told An Awful Joke When He Met Her

Randy Holmes/ABC

In one of the biggest twists I've seen on a Bachelor season (and Nick Viall's season was full of them), new Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay met the first few suitors of her season not on limo arrivals night but live on After The Final Rose. Say what? One of those suitors, Dean, made a terrible joke for his introduction to Bachelorette Rachel, and I'm not quite sure what to do with him yet. Who is Dean on The Bachelorette?

Listen — I'm sure Dean had the best intentions when he came into the live After The Final Rose special, but man, did he not stick that landing! He walked up to Rachel, introduced himself, and then he told Rachel that he intended to go black and then never go back. Guy. I'm sure that he was very nervous, but are we still telling that weird, mildly racist joke? I don't think he meant it as a microaggression, but that's what it came off as to me. Of course, Bachelorette and Bachelor introductions are always filled to the brim with corny jokes and bad pickup lines, but let's hold the weird racial jokes to a minimum when we're dealing with the first black Bachelorette.


Rachel, to her credit, took it in stride, grabbing a hug from Dean and then hurrying him along his way. Rachel met four new suitors on After The Final Rose, and it seems like she's totally psyched to meet more. We'll have to wait until May for that (and even though filming starts super soon, the commercials on ABC seem like they're still casting), and then we can give Dean another chance and see the rest of the men that will entertain Rachel's affections.