Dua Lipa & Her Boyfriend's Love Story Is So Sweet

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dua Lipa may have a set of "new rules" to follow when it comes to dating, but it looks like the British singer can't resist following her heart. If you've been wondering who Dua Lipa is dating, it looks like she's recently rekindled her romance with model and chef Isaac Carew, after the couple broke up in 2017.

Dua was seen reconnecting with Carew in May, and the two of them looked super cozy while walking around London together. Then, Carew confirmed he and Dua were back together with a lengthy Instagram message posted in June. Carew shared a photo of himself and Dua, writing in the caption,

"We are very happy being back together. We spent 3 and half years happily together with loyalty and love and we never broke up in the first place because we had problems like that. We broke up because of scheduling conflicts and not being able to be together."

It sounds like the two of them cared deeply for one another, but the timing of their relationship just wasn't right during their first go. But based on Carew's post, it sounds like there's no love lost between them, and that they're ready to give their relationship another chance.

Still, plenty of Dua Lipa fans couldn't resist the opportunity to cite the lyrics of her popular song in connection with the news. Dua's song "New Rules" includes lyrics about not getting back together with an ex. And while she might not have had Carew, or any one person, in mind, plenty of commenters on Carew's Instagram posts are asking about her "rules."

Last month, Carew shared a sweet slideshow on Instagram featuring photos of himself and Dua together. And while plenty of comments are praising the couple, there are some "New Rules" references, too. "What happened to your rules Dua," one commenter wrote. It looks like fans are on board with the couple, though — the comments on Carew's recent photo of himself and Dua seem super positive.

Before dating Carew, Dua dated Paul Klein, the lead singer of LANY. She was also reportedly linked to actor Jack Whitehall in February. But it looks like she and Carew found their way back to each other and are happier than ever.

Of course, it's up to Dua who she dates, and she doesn't owe fans any explanation for her choices. There may have been some jokes about her "rules" at first, but it looks like fans have come around to the idea of Dua and Isaac being back together. After all, some rules are meant to be broken, right? The two of them are happy, which is really all that matters.

It wouldn't be a surprise if Carew is at the VMAs on Monday night to support Dua, either. She's nominated in three categories: "Song of the Year," "Best Dance," and "Best Choreography." No matter what the awards show's results are, that's pretty impressive for a singer who hasn't been a household name for too long. Whether Dua wins or not, Carew will undoubtedly support her, and hopefully he'll share a few sweet Instagram photos from the evening, too.