The Villain In 'Jessica Jones' Season 3 Will Leave Fans Shaking In Their Combat Boots

Jessica Jones may wish she ignored this guy's call. The official Jessica Jones Season 3 trailer teases a new villain that should scare the bejesus out fans. Why? Because the show's final big bad clearly terrifies the usually unflappable Marvel hero. So, who is Gregory Salinger? Well, he might just be Jessica Jones' worst nightmare.

In actuality, Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb), is a highly intelligent serial killer who's looking to shake Jessica Jones to her core, according to Entertainment Weekly. And from the sounds of this new trailer, it seems as if it might be working.

In the opening shot of the Jessica Jones trailer, she gets a mysterious call in which the guy on the other end calls her a cheater and questions her heroism, something Jessica has always questioned herself. "You were given every advantage," he tells her, "allowed to make mistake after mistake" as shots of Jessica drinking, perhaps to excess, flash on the screen. "You have no discipline, just brute force," he continues as Jessica is seen trying to punch through the ground. This phone call ends with Jessica asking him point blank what it is he wants and she certainly gets a straight answer: "I want you to die."

Being that Salinger is so direct about his endgame, it's no surprise that Jessica is taking him very seriously. "He's smarter than both of us combined," she tells Trish (Rachael Taylor), who sees this as hyperbole on her friend's part. "I don't know about that," Trish says.

As of right now, fans also don't know much about Salinger beyond this trailer. For one, he doesn't appear to be the same Gregory Salinger who's known as "Foolkiller" in the Marvel comics. According to the Marvel wiki, Salinger from the comics is a psych student who takes a liking to Spider-Man before becoming a vigilante hired by Deadpool for his mercenary group, Mercs For Money.

Whether Salinger shares some similarities with his comics counterpart or not, it's clear that Jessica and Trish are going to need to work together to defeat him. Last season ended in estrangement for the two besties after Trish began taking puffs from her former boyfriend Will Simpson's super-soldier inhaler.

In this trailer, Jessica doesn't seem all that interested in making nice, but Taylor believes that Trish and Jessica's relationship can be fixed. "I personally have such a deep belief in the friendship between Jessica and Trish," Taylor told Bustle last year. "I think they have so much history together and so much deep loyalty and love and they’re such different women that they’re just kind of connected in a way. I think they’ll always be on the same side."

That's good to hear since Jessica's going to need as many allies as she can get when going up against a villain like Salinger. “Salinger is a deeply scarred individual, and he just, by coincidence, crosses paths with Jessica,” series creator and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told Entertainment Weekly of the character, who she said doesn't show up "too much until I think episode 3 or 4"

“For him, everything about her offends him, [specifically] the fact that she’s got these powers not through hard work but through some other means," she continued. "This is someone who has worked very hard himself. But he’s a very twisted dude.” Luckily, Jessica Jones is pretty twisted herself, which means the final season of Jessica Jones, which drops June 14, just got even more interesting.