Kylie's BFF Is About To Be A New Mom Too & Here's Everything You Need To Know About Her

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After keeping her entire pregnancy under wraps, Kylie Jenner is finally starting to share that part of her life with fans. And it just so happens that she not only got to experience it alongside her sister, Khloé Kardashian, but one of her best friends as well. So who is Heather Sanders? Jenner's friend was pregnant at the same time she was, and it seems like she's an important part of her life for so many reasons.

In Jenner's "To Our Daughter" video, which she used to announce the arrival of her daughter, Stormi (and to make most of us cry), she said that she wanted to have a baby after she found out Sanders was going to have her second child.

"Me and Heather are four weeks apart," Jenner said. "We used to talk about this as a joke like two years ago. I was like 'Heather, your next baby — wait for me.'"

So really, Sanders served as Jenner's mama inspiration, and after finding out more about her, it's easy to see why. She's a pretty cool lady — and as far as the mom game goes, it seems to be something she's seriously on top of. And earlier this week, she announced her baby will be named Supreme, so it sounds like Jenner's Stormi isn't the only brand new baby on the block with an unusual name.

Here's everything you need to know about Sanders.

She & Jenner Go Way Back

According to a Q&A that Sanders did with Jenner's website, these two met at Kendall's Sweet 16 party, and it's been love ever since.

They Experienced So Much Of Their Pregnancies Together

After Jenner's pregnancy was finally out in the open, Sanders posted this adorable shot to Instagram, mentioning in the caption that they'd experienced these pregnancies side by side, sleeping, eating, and working out together. That had to have been such a special experience for the best friends to share. Throughout Sanders' own pregnancy, she's been sharing updates on Instagram, including plenty of adorable bump shots.

And Jenner Even Threw Her A Gender Reveal

Earlier in Sanders' pregnancy, Jenner threw a gender reveal party for Sanders — something you might have caught if you follow her on Snapchat. Jenner's other bestie, Jordyn Woods, was also there, and there was pink and blue cotton candy everywhere. At the end, Sanders opened up a huge box to reveal blue balloons floating out. She's having a boy, which is awesome, especially since she already has a little girl.

She's Engaged To Rapper T-Rell

Sanders and her fiancé are definitely a power couple. She's engaged to King Trell, who's a rapper — and who has always been close with Tyga, which had to be convenient for the ladies when he and Jenner were dating. He also frequently appeared on the MTV show Kingin' With Tyga on MTV. He and Sanders seem to have an awesome relationship, and they're both often posting about their support for each other online.

She Runs Her Own Boutique

Sanders runs her boutique — which is called Sorella — but she also designs for it too, aiming to create body-conscious clothing for all body types. In that same Q&A with Jenner, she said:

I found a new love for clothes because every style was accessible in L.A., which led me to selling clothes. I wanted to get in the business of making every girl feel pretty and confident.

Sorella sells clothes for women and kids, and it even has a pretty cool vintage section on its website that looks like it could be the source of a lot of Jenner's fashion inspiration.

She's Really Into Fancy Nails

If you follow Sanders on Instagram, you already know that she's always posting photos of her nails when she gets them done, and they're always phenomenal. Not everyone could pull off super long nails like that, but Sanders totally does — and they're usually done in a really pretty color or creative design. According to her captions, the magic on Sanders' nails is from Modern Pamper Salon in North Hollywood, and if you check out their Instagram, prepare to be amazed even more.

She's Been Doing This Mom Thing For Awhile

If you follow Sanders on Instagram, she's been sharing the most adorable photos of her daughter, Zoe. She's such a beautiful baby, and she's so well dressed, which makes sense since her mom is so into fashion. It seems like Sanders has the mom life down, so Zoe's little brother is incredibly lucky. Zoe is so cute on her own, but the photos of her with her baby brother are going to be off the charts.

She's Been Vlogging A Lot Lately

Sanders has been trying to get into YouTube lately with her own channel, and recently, she created one about her life with her family and boyfriend. This week, she shared a really cute video from her baby shower, and it's wonderful seeing her and her family in action like this.

It's awesome to see that Jenner has so many people like Sanders in her life, backing her up. Now that she's raising her first child, that kind of support is so important.