Hillsters Have Guesses About Jaclyn Hill's Collab

by Kali Borovic

The sneak peeks have started rolling, and Hillsters are going crazy. In case you missed the exciting news, Jaclyn Hill is working on an eyeshadow palette for her collaboration. She hasn't released any other details besides the initial news, but that hasn't stopped fans from guessing. Who do Hillsters think the YouTuber is collaborating with, you ask? The have one major guess. If it's true, this is definitely something to be excited about.

It might only be the middle of January, but it's already a fantastic year for Hill. Not only is her makeup brand coming out sometime this year, she recently announced that she'd be working with a brand on something special too. In her Best Of Beauty 2016 video, Hill finally let it slip that she's been working all year long on an eyeshadow palette. *Cue fan freakout moment.*

The YouTuber then tweeted that the eyeshadow collab would launch in seven weeks, which only made fans even more excited. Because, you know, now everyone knows how much time they have to save up. After the excitement from all of that settled, Hillsters instantly began to try and guess the brand. The general consensus is that it doesn't matter who it is, because it will be great either way.

Out of the thousands of tweets back to Hill, fans seem to think she will be collabing with... drumroll please... Anastasia Beverly Hills. Although nothing is confirmed yet, Hillsters seem to think that this would make the most sense. It does make sense too. ABH is known for taking a while to work on their formulations and colors, so it's possible.

The only problem with the ABH lead is that they just announced a collab with Nicole Guerriero. Bottom line: we still know nothing, but it's a great guess. Here's are the fan reactions that sum up the big, mysterious news perfectly.

Gah! This is just too exciting.

Only 49 more sleeps!

People haven't even seen it yet and they're already planning to buy.

People are very excited about the ABH possibility.

All caps is necessary.

The struggle is real.

This is not a drill, makeup lovers.

GIF on point.

It's not a want, it's a need.

Needless to say, people are pretty pumped for the new item.