'Bachelor' Star Jasmine G. Has Serious Dance Moves

by Lindsey Kupfer
ABC/Mitch Haaseth

We’re well into this season of The Bachelor and as Nick Viall’s group of women gets smaller and smaller, there are still some people we know absolutely nothing about. For instance, we barely know anything about Bachelor contestant Jasmine Goode, the NBA dancer. She hasn’t had a one-on-one date yet, and she hardly gets any screen time, which means she’s not causing any problems, but she’s also not a fan favorite. At this point, it seems unlikely that she’ll make a comeback and win over Nick’s heart, but we all know there’s another way for her to come back into the spotlight. Jasmine could be heading to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. I wouldn’t be too surprised by that, but let’s learn more about her before then, shall we?

The one thing we know about Jasmine is that she’s a professional dancer and she’s damn good at what she does. From her Bachelor bio, we know that the 29-year-old has two tattoos, loves her mom and would love to eat pizza with RuPaul, Dave Chappelle, and Prince. If she could be anyone for the day she would be Guy Fieri so she could “travel and eat food from all over the country.” She loves solid movies like A League of Their Own, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and The Sandlot. Her biggest fear is being left in open water alone and if she won the lottery, she would buy socks and a sports team.

Outside of her basic bio, there’s a lot to know about Jasmine.

She Used To Be A Golden State Warriors Dancer

Although she’s not a dancer for the team anymore, Jasmine was once a dancer for the Golden State Warriors.

And A Cowboys Cheerleader

I don’t know much about NFL cheer teams, but I think the Cowboys cheerleaders are meant to be the best of the best in that world. Girl can dance.

She Lives In Los Angeles Now

According to her Twitter, she’s relocated to Los Angeles. Maybe next year she’ll be cheering for the Rams.

But She’s Actually From New Jersey

She and Alexis (dolphin/shark girl) have more in common than we thought.

She’s Against Trump's Travel Ban

Between retweets and responses on Twitter, it’s very clear that she’s against the ban.

She Loves TGIT

Her Thursday nights consist of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. I think its also safe to assume her Thursdays involve lots of red wine. There’s no getting through those three hours without it.

She Eats Ranch On Her Pizza

Who doesn’t though, right?

She Was A Disney Princess

This. Is. Amazing. I'm obsessed with Disney princesses, especially Tiana. Jasmine got to live out all of our princess fantasies when she worked for Disney.

She’s Got A Ton Of Gal Pals

When you’re a professional dancer it’s really no surprise that you might have a ton of friends that are girls. Jasmine is constantly posting pics with huge groups of girls, probably from her different teams. Now she has a whole new group of ladies from The Bachelor.

She’s Met Raquel

Probably the most important thing ever. She’s actually met Corinne’s nanny Raquel and posted on Twitter that she’s great. No word on whether or not she’s indulged her cheese pasta or cut up cucumbers yet.

She Eats Taco Bell

Reality stars, they’re just like us. Also, Taco Bell is the best.

Super Bowl Sunday Is Her Favorite Day Of The Year

She said so herself last night...

She Was An Adorable Baby

Too cute.

Dancing Is Her Life

Basically she’s an amazing dancer and loves her life as a dancer.

If she doesn't end up in Paradise, I imagine she’ll be back on the field or court real soon.