Who Is Julia Morris? People Want The Australian Comedian To Cohost 'I'm A Celeb' With Dec

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Since it was sadly announced that Ant McPartlin would be taking some time off to focus on his health, fans have been super concerned about what would happen to Declan Donnelly and who would be cohosting with him on upcoming projects. Rumours have been swirling like a pool full of piranhas and now it seems we have a front runner for the much lauded role and a lot of rumbles in the jungle. After videos of her hilarious antics on the Australian version of the show, people are wondering who is Julia Morris and will she be hosting the show?

The Australian comedian, who cohosts the Aussie version of the hit show got pushed to the forefront recently after a compilation video of her hilarious introductions went viral. Throwing out killer lines like "I'm spoonerism enthusiast I'm Mulia Jorris" and "I'm a nut that may contain traces of Julia Morris," meant that she is instantly a perfect candidate for cheesy but funny hosting duties. Yes! Get it girl! After getting like over one million views in a day, UK fans are thirsty for more of Morris and her witty banter. It's even become a thing on Twitter with regular people and celebs.

Real talk, as The Sun reports, people are pushing hard to get this successful female comic to be up front for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and I can understand why. I contacted ITV for comment, and they said "we wouldn't comment on pure speculation."

She may not be super familiar to us over this end of the pond, however she is a household name in Oz, having been on their screens for like, over 30 years. Wow that's an actual lifetime in showbiz. Both successful on the stand up scene and on TV, she has been one busy lady. As her own website reveals, her first time on telly was on New Faces in 1985. She went on to star in heaps of shows which led to her being an uber familiar face. Shows like Beauty And The Beast and Full Frontal catapulted her into the living rooms (or as they say lounge room) of the Australian general public.

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She has however, also been on our screens before. Who knows, maybe you might recognise her? Well that would not be surprising as between 2000 and 2007 she lived in Old Blighty. She was involved with some like, seriously big shows such as BBC's Liquid News show in 2002 and also appeared on Stephen Fry's addictive viewing, QI.

While living in the UK, she managed to succeed on the infamously difficult UK comedy circuit, having multiple hit shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, winning the Herald Angel Award in 2002, and in 2004 she only went and won Time Out London's Comedy Performer Of The Year.

All of this success while managing to maintain a relationship with Welsh comedian Dan Thomas, who she refers to as her "best friend," as the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Ugh, cuteness. As the Daily Mail reports, she has opened up in the past with coping with her husband's recovery cancer diagnosis and shown her strength even further by maintaining a successful career, relationship, and being a hard working mum of two girls.

So what has Morris got to say about all the hype? Speaking to Good Morning Britain she made it clear she is totally up for it. Basically like, Carole King she be like "all you have to do is call... and I'll be there."

I am a huge fan of the show and lived in the UK for seven years, and when I came home to Australia and heard they were doing an Australian version, I went lock, stock and two very smoking barrels to get that job because it always looked like the boys were having so much fun. So I was lucky enough to land it.

Well it looks like with that positivity, we might well be having Morris' hilarity in our very own living rooms before we know it.