Who Is Lacey From 'The Bachelor'? She'll Make A Splash On The 'Women Tell All'

Rick Rowell/ABC

Many women arrive at The Bachelor mansion ready for their love story to unfold. They have dreams of experiencing an epic love and then getting to watch it back on TV. What a Bachelor contestant can't plan for is radio silence. I'm talking about getting eliminated early on and having less camera time than the camel the contestant showed up on. Despite doing everything possible to stand out, including riding said camel into the mansion, this is exactly what happened to Bachelor contestant Lacey. But, it seems the digital marketing consultant from NYC will get her time to shine on the Women Tell All.

A promo for the Women Tell All shows Lacey discussing season villain Corinne — and she has a lot of opinions. The WTA gives less visible contestants an opportunity to get noticed. Standing out at the reunion show may even get a lesser known contestant a ticket to Bachelor In Paradise. This added incentive often motivates lesser-known contestants to make a scene. So for those at home who will wonder, "Who is this contestant suddenly speaking a lot?" I've got your back. Here's everything you need to know about Bachelor contestant Lacey.

She Rode A Camel Into The Mansion

Rick Rowell/ABC

Lacey may not have made a huge splash this season but her entrance sure was memorable. Lacey not only rode a camel up to the mansion, she also had a dirty joke to accompany it. Upon arriving on a camel, Lacey said, "I heard you like a good hump and so do I." While the joke didn't exactly hit, I admire her boldness. I hope she rides into Bachelor In Paradise in similar style.

She Hangs With The Bachelor Crowd

Lacey may not have been a big part of this season of The Bachelor but she is definitely a big part of The Bachelor clique. There's an entire social circle made up of people who tried to find love on TV and she's right in the middle of it. Lacey posted this Instagram hanging out with such big name Bachelor Nation contestants as Olivia Caridi, Grant Kemp, Izzy and Vinny of Paradise, and Derek Peth. She would have a ton of friends in a potential Bachelor In Paradise 4!

A Short Woman In The Big City

Lacey is a digital marketing manager living in New York City. At just 5' 3'', Lacey calls herself "child-sized," taking her height with a sense of humor. According to her LinkedIn, she works for a company called Bliss Cosmetics. Lacey is young, just 25, and has created a life for herself already in the big city. She's smart, having graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Political Science and Government/Middle Eastern Studies, according to LinkedIn. In her ABC bio, she said graduating with a double degree and learning Arabic were among her greatest accomplishments.

She Appears To Be Single

Lacey posted this humorous Instagram on Valentine's day. It seems she's not currently in a relationship. Maybe she just hasn't found the right person or maybe she's waiting to find love in front of the cameras in Mexico. Either way, she doesn't appear to be tied down.

She Will Watch Nick Viall On DWTS

Nick Viall was recently announced as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. This was not a huge shocker, he seems to enjoy letting his life play out in front of the cameras. Anyway, Lacey's ABC says that her guilty pleasure TV show is Dancing With The Stars. This could mean she will be tuning in to watch her ex ballroom dance his way into our hearts. It's unclear whether she will be rooting for or against her former brief love.

She's A Big Devils Hockey Fan

This may feel like a random fact about Lacey, it is not. While Lacey clearly has a Bachelor obsession, she also loves the New Jersey Devils. So much of her social media celebrates her favorite sports team. Like a lot of it. It seems to be a very important part of her identity.

She's Not Afraid To Befriend "Villains"

Lacey may throw some jabs at the Women Tell All but she is definitely on the side of this season's villain Corinne Olympios. Corinne has made waves this season, becoming a controversial Bachelor contestant. Lacey posted an Instagram of her and Corinne and wrote:

Yes, @colympios and I are "actually friends." And yes, I "actually like her." In fact I love her. I hope that answers everyone's questions #teamcorn

I love that she stands by her friends despite what other people say.

We shall see if Lacey makes as big a splash at the Women Tell All as I think she might. Either way, I hope she does enough to secure a spot in Paradise. It seems we missed a lot of potential TV fun from this spunky lady.