Who Is “Liability” By Lorde About? The Pop Star Shares The Inspiration Behind The Lyrics

Should we call Thursday “Lordesday” from here on out? Feels about right to me. One week after dropping Melodrama’s fantastic lead single “Green Light,” pop queen Lorde gifted us with “Liability,” a wistful, pared-down record that starts as a breakup song, and then takes a sharp turn at Introspection Avenue.  So, who is Lorde’s “Liability” about? The person Lorde'll love forever: Lorde.

On Thursday’s episode of Beats 1, Lorde shared the inspiration behind “Liability” with host Zane Lowe:

She continued,

Yessssssss. Get that self-love.

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Ready to comb through the “Liability” lyrics? Let us begin at the beginning (wow, starting at the top of the song? How edgy of me).

I don’t think this is too much a leap, but the “he” in this tale probably refers to some ex-boyfriend who can't handle the trappings of Lorde's fame. And then, the subject of the song shifts as Lorde reveals what she plans to do once the cab drops her off at her place of residence:

She stops singing about the “baby” who left her “crying in the taxi,” and introduces the listener to “the girl that [she] love[s].” So, who is “the girl that [Lorde] love[s]”? Let the song keep rolling:

Lorde’s slow dancing alone in her living room. Lorde’s trying to meet her own demands. Lorde’s stroking her own cheek. Lorde is the girl that Lorde loves. That, or Lorde’s in love with an invisible lady.

No matter how much of a "liability" she may be, Lorde adores herself unconditionally. However, “they” (i.e., her past significant others) have their limits:

In the second verse, Lorde sings that “they” lose interest in her when her “wild” gets too be too much:

Better swaying alone, better on her own, and better disappearing into the sun.

In just a few months, there'll be even more Lorde magic to put in our ears: Melodrama will be out on June 16. Can't wait to sway in my living room to this album.