Fans Think Camila Cabello's New Song "Liar" Could Be About Shawn Mendes Or An Ex

Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After teaming up with her new boyfriend Shawn Mendes for the summer hit "Senorita," Camila Cabello is dropping some fall bangers. On Thursday (Sept. 5), Cabello released two new songs, "Shameless" and "Liar." No surprise, fans immediately wanted to know, who is Cabello's "Liar" about? And it seems, Twitter is currently torn. Is she singing about Mendes or her ex Matthew Hussey?

The thing is, the song's title may be misleading. When you hear her new single's called "Liar," it's easy to assume it's some breakup song, but listen close and it appears to be a track all about temptation. "I said, I won't lose control, I don't want it," Cabello sings on the pre-chorus of track off her upcoming "project" Romance. "I said, I won't get too close but I can't stop it."

But, she can't stop herself from “startin' up a fire" with this guy she's pining for, but shouldn't be. Maybe because she's already dating someone else? On the chorus of the horn-laden track she sings, "Oh, no, there you go, making me a liar/Got me begging you for more," before admitting, "I kinda like it though."

Cabello sings about fantasizing about this guy. "I picture your hands on me/I think I wanna let it happen/But what if, you kiss me?/And what if, I like it?" she asks. "And no one sees it."

This idea that this song is about desiring someone new had fans believing it was about her new man Mendes. But a fan named @corduevasmila wasn't so sure this was the case. "So now I’m like is it because he/ Matthew was the liar," they tweeted. "Or is she talking about herself because she had feelings for the other guy/ shawn."

And it's true that lines like "I don't believe myself when I say/That I don't need you," could be about her ex, who she knows might not be the one, but can't help going back to.

Another fan wondered if Cabello's two singles, released on the same day, are actually two halves of one story about how she ended up with Mendes after her June 2019 split with Hussey. "I feel like shameless is about her relationship with matthew and liar more about shawn??" @mendez1Dx tweeted.

On the darker sounding "Shameless," Cabello sings, "Now that you have me, do you want me still?/My kisses are history, they go back a long time/And I'm tired of loving somebody that's not mine." Could this be about her surrendering herself to someone new? Is she working through her guilt of moving on?

The "Liar" cover art might also be a clue as to what the song's actually about. In the shot, Cabello is an angel with arrows in her back, a sign that she's been hit by Cupid himself. Rather, unexpectedly, it sounds like. And now she's trying to work through what this new passion means. Is she a fallen angel, a liar for desiring this guy while being with another?

Unfortunately, Cabello probably isn't going to confirm who "Liar" is about. In a new interview with Elle, Cabello talked about keeping her relationships private. “I want to always feel like my love is between me and that person, and never belonging to anyone else," she said, adding, "In a relationship, it makes me feel uncomfortable to invite everyone in on that.”

Naturally, fans will just have to keep listening to her music and theorizing for themselves.