Joe Lycett's Co-Host Mark Silcox Has The Most Unexpected Side Hustle EVER

Channel 4/Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

If your favourite thing about The Great British Sewing Bee was the presenter, then you're in luck. Comedian Joe Lycett, who's continuing to make bigger and bigger waves, has finally been given his own TV show, and so far, it's pretty amazing. Titled Joe Lycett's Got Your Back, the show will be pushed to the furthest reaches of funny with help from weekly celebrity guest Mark Silcox. But if you've not heard that name before, you must be wondering who is Mark Silcox? Well, he may just be coming to make your Friday nights a lot funnier.

Channel 4 commissioned Joe Lycett's Got Your Back on June 12, 2018, and if you missed the show's first episode on Friday, April 5, then you'll wanna catch up. As revealed in Channel 4's original press release, Joe Lycett's Got Your Back sees the comedian serving consumer justice, as he takes on scammers, shoddy customer service, and straight up shocking practices, as one of the nation's best complainers. He's way better than any of the "can I see your manager?" types you've ever come across.

He's joined each week by his deadpan sidekick Mark Silcox, who you might be coming across for the first time. While his dryness is an excellent complement to Lycett's bombastic antics, Silcox is a hilarious comedian in his own right.

UK comedy site Chortle announced that Silcox would be joining the show on April 14, 2018 as a "tech expert." In an interview with Channel 4 from Friday, April 5, Lycett described Silcox as "one of my favourite people in the world." Adding: "He’s so funny, and very, very dry." According to his official website, Silcox is an ex-scientist-cum-supply teacher who started to try standup comedy as a hobby when his dominance at his local badminton club came to an end thanks to new members who were much better than him.

He first started to make waves when he was a BBC Radio New Comedian of the Year finalist, and he's since made TV appearances in Channel 4's An Immigrant's Guide to Britain, and he was even seen selling a sperm testing kit to Karl Pilkington on SKY One's Sick of It back in 2018. Although, Joe Lycett's Got Your Back may just be his biggest gig yet, and a springboard for even bigger things to come.

Channel 4/Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

If Silcox has grabbed you by the funny bone, then you might want to catch him on tour this year. According to his site, he's playing plenty of dates, starting with Camden Comedy on Saturday, July 27. In the meantime, catch him each Friday on Joe Lycett's Got Your Back at 8.30 p.m. on Channel 4, where he'll be forced to get into all kinds of shenanigans.

The show's first episode gave a taste of things to come for Silcox, as he was made to order a "reverse burger" at Burger King, consisting of 14 slices of tomato, meat on the outside, and bread on the inside. Poor man, lucky TV viewers. Nevertheless, Silcox is really going to climb the comedic ranks to become your next fav.