Who Is Michael B. Jordan Dating In 2019? The 'Black Panther' Star Is Private About His Love Life

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The Oscars are finally upon us, which means the biggest red carpet of them all will be rolling out this weekend for all of Hollywood's biggest celebs. Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan has become one of the most entertaining and talented actors to follow, and he'll likely be out in full force at the ceremony. Even though it's really nobody's business but his, it's only natural to wonder if he'll show up to walk the carpet with a special someone on his arm. It's unclear if Michael B. Jordan is dating anyone, but fans continue to speculate on all his possible romances.

There have been a handful of standout rumors, though Jordan just told USA Today back in November that he was single at the time. He added that gossip about he and Black Panther co-star Lupita Nyong'o's alleged flirtations were just that: gossip "They're writing their own soap opera that they want to see happen," he said. "Me and Lupita? I love her to death. Beautiful girl, very talented. People write their own narratives — I don't have any control over that."

He was also photographed supposedly leaving the Met Gala with Kendall Jenner a few years ago, which caused a bit of a fuss, but sources insisted they simply happened to be leaving separately at the same time, per GQ.

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Jordan has been a bona fide heartthrob for years, endearing himself to viewers in everything from beloved soapy dramas like Parenthood and Friday Night Lights to his huge blockbusters like Creed and Black Panther.

He knows people are crushing on him, and he takes the attention in good stride. You might remember the viral tweet about the girl who broke her retainer because she was clenching her jaw so hard when watching Jordan in Black Panther. He offered to pay her orthodontist bills.

You also might remember when writer Bolu Babalola photoshopped herself into a photo with Jordan, joking that they were old flames who lost touch. They actually met in the weeks following, and Jordan joked with her about it in a playful tweet.


Jordan told USA Today that his swoon-worthy status is "something you get used to. It's a humbling thing when people care about you." But the issue of dating in general does get to him at times. "My career is awesome. It is going great. There's other places in my life that I'm f*cking lacking at," he told GQ in another interview. "I'm very mature and advanced in a lot of areas of life. Dating may not be one of 'em. My personal life is not. I don't really know what dating is."

Jordan went on to say that everyone's rabid interest in who he may or may not be dating can be off-putting, and makes it hard to organically begin dating someone. He continued to GQ:

"[If we're seen together], they're going to talk about you, they're going to find out who you are. They're gonna find out what your Instagram is, they're going to find us in that. And all the fan club and everybody else is going to find out who you are, and now you and I are forever associated with one another. So now, how do you go anywhere normal, chill, just getting to know somebody that you just met, that you may not — may or may not — hit it off at all? That part of dating is tough."

So, though no one really knows who and if Jordan is dating, that's probably just the way he likes it. Until he's ready to go public with something, let's all just let him live a little while we admire him from afar.