This New 'Million Little Things' Character Is Yet Another Big Mystery

Jack Rowand/ABC

A Million Little Things is wrapping up its emotional and dramatic Season 1 soon, but there are even more questions than answers at this point. Last week’s episode dove into Rome’s feelings of inadequacy with his dad, Katherine and Eddie’s divorce woes, and Gary being the real MVP as he takes care of everyone. But, there’s still no solid confirmation about whether the woman at Barbara Morgan’s address is actually her or a new character. And, her phone call to a mysterious man sparked further intrigue as it left fans wondering who is Mitch Nelson on A Million Little Things and how does he know Jon? There are a million possible answers but a few theories actually make sense.

At the end of the episode, Possible Barbara Morgan™ was sitting in a car outside of Delilah’s house as she installed a car seat. The lady gets a phone call from Mitch Nelson, who basically tells her to stay away from the Dixon family because it will make things worse. She responds by agreeing with him, but also mentioning that Delilah is pregnant. It’s a weird conversation that makes viewers wonder why either of them care about her pregnancy and why this woman is watching Delilah. Unfortunately, all of the answers likely won’t come in the season finale but at least it sets up some intrigue for A Million Little Things Season 2, right? So who, exactly, is Mitch Nelson? Here’s a few possible answers to the next big question:

Barbara Morgan's Husband

Could Barbara Morgan now be Mrs. Nelson? It's possible. If Mitch is married to Barbara, then he likely knows a lot about the connection between Barbara and Jon, including why she was named as a beneficiary.

Perhaps they all knew each other in college and he was somehow the reason for her breakup with Jon, who never fully got over his college sweetheart. Mitch also seems to be insistent on the new mystery woman staying away from the Dixons for some reason, which would make sense if Barbara has a secret that will shake up this family.

Jon's Brother

Does Jon have an estranged half-brother? Anything can happen on this show, so this can’t be completely ruled out. It would be strange for Jon’s relative to live in Barbara Morgan’s old apartment, but perhaps Mitch knew her as well.

The show has yet to reveal his face, which would reveal any resemblance to Jon. This doesn’t explain why he is telling this woman to stay from Jon’s family, but it is an interesting thought.

A Business Partner-In-Crime

Jon has obviously been hiding a lot of secrets from his crew, including business deals. Perhaps he had yet another questionable business deal with Mitch and they covered up some pertinent information. If this is true, then it would explain why no one has mentioned his name or seems to know his identity.

The only person who has saw him was Ashley but fans don't know if she actually recognized him in any way because she has run off to Spain. Mitch may have decided to keep a low profile but now his wife is starting to dig into things that can expose his shady past.

Barbara Morgan's Relative

Mitch could easily be related to Barbara Morgan. It’s plausible that he moved into his sister’s old house and she gave him the B. Morgan painting on the wall. And, if Jon somehow hurt Barbara, this would be a good reason why Mitch doesn’t seem to care for him nor his family.

The “bad thing” that Jon associates with the wine could have somehow involved a serious injury to Barbara Morgan or Mitch. This would explain why Jon left money to Barbara Morgan and why he tried so hard to be the perfect friend in the group. There’s a dark story behind Mitch and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all goes down.

Hopefully, A Million Little Things will give fans all the answers they need about Mitch Nelson sometime soon.