You Might Not Remember Her, But This 'BIP' Contestant Has Big Plans For Love This Season

Some rejected contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are unforgettable, while others are barely seen. But Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, premiering on August 7, brings the infamous and relatively unknown competitors from the past together for another shot at love. Fans are already scrolling through this season's cast list to see if their old fave is making a comeback. A lot of them are in the know, but some people may be wondering who is Nysha from Bachelor in Paradise because her face isn’t quite so familiar. She didn’t make it very far on Bachelor, but she’s hoping to go the distance this time.

D’Nysha “Nysha” Norris was eliminated in the first round of The Bachelor’s Season 22 earlier this year. The Belton, South Carolina native and orthopedic nurse admitted to ABC that one of the most “outrageous” things she had ever done was apply to be on a show to be judged by millions of people, but there likely wasn’t much they could say since she didn’t stick around for long. It was her last-ditch effort to find love after unsuccessful attempts to meet guys on online dating apps but she didn’t make a noticeable impression on Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

But, her short stint on Bachelor led to her bonding with six of her fellow contestants who were eliminated early. They formed The Rosé Girls, a collective that makes YouTube videos discussing topics like love, dating, sex, career moves, and other lifestyle related topics.

She's seen in one video sipping rosé while talking about being turned on by men with a sense of humor. Nysha seems like an awesome woman and her love for Mulan makes you want to be her BFF.

Paul Hebert/ABC

This time, Nysha wants to stick around much longer and make a serious love connection. Her “Heat & Greet” clip shows her initial introduction to a few eligible suitors and reveals her intentions to find her future husband. “Paradise is about romance and that’s what I’m hoping to find here,” says Nysha. “So, I could come out of here engaged!”

She also pokes a bit of fun at her short-lived stint on Bachelor when she’s asked about it by saying “blink and you missed me.” At the end of the video, she’s seen in a jacuzzi with model Jordan Kimball, who says they only get one life to live. Deep, right? But is Nysha into it?

Jordan is known to be, how do I put this nicely, into himself and stir up ample drama, so he’s the opposite of Nysha, who seems low-key and doesn’t have a social media presence. There didn’t seem to be any chemistry between them, but hopefully Nysha will hit it off with someone else who’s a little more serious about finding true love. Or maybe opposites really will attract.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 trailer doesn’t show much of Nysha, but she is also seen snuggling with Eric Bigger, who fell in love for the first time when he appeared on Bachelorette Season 13. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, so perhaps those two will find love amidst all the reality TV drama.

Will the second time on TV be the charm for Nysha? Fans will have to tune in to Bachelor in Paradise to see how she fares this season. Hopefully, she will stick around for a while and find her perfect match in paradise.