The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Teaser From Becca's 'Men Tell All' Shows It's Going To Be A Wild Ride

Paul Hebert/ABC

Yeah, yeah — The Bachelorette is over and everything is great. Why? Because Becca's season was boring AF, but also because it means that we're about to be graced with Bachelor In Paradise. Hooray! The Bachelor In Paradise teaser from Becca's Men Tell All has Bachelor Nation ready to rock on a new season of tears, fears, and fun under the Mexican sun.

Every season, the castoffs from the last season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette gather together in Mexico to kiss in the sand and eat a lot of pizza (wait, I think that was just Josh Murray). It's thirst trap season, y'all! But seriously, this season of Bachelor in Paradise will include some familiar faces from Becca's season and Arie's season, but also some new-ish ones, too — contestants from The Bachelor Winter Games are also thrown into the mix, making one big international Bachelor mess of love and running mascara. To make Becca's Men Tell All more interesting (because the men actually don't end up telling too much more than we already know), ABC ran a preview of Bachelor in Paradise during the episode, and boy oh boy were fans excited. I am a jaded Bachelor writer and even I got excited over this:

And of course, the fans on Twitter didn't hold back their feelings.

They Were Both Confused And Enticed

You know you love it, but it makes you crazy. That's Bachelor in Paradise.

There Was Plenty To Say About Jordan

This guy knows what he's doing in getting cast.

Others Recognized The Mess And Went In Anyway

The first step is recognizing you have a problem.

'Ships Were Being Formed Already

A fresh, new season of Bachelor in Paradise may look like fun, but can it make the franchise interesting again? Arie's season of The Bachelor was boring until the very end, when Arie went back on his engagement to Becca and chose Lauren instead. The producers made us watch him break up with her for 45 minutes.

Becca's season was a snooze on-screen, but off-screen it was full of scandal. One contestant, Lincoln, was convicted of a 2016 sexual misconduct charge that ABC and Warners Bros. claimed in a statement not to have seen on a background check. Then, front-runner Garrett was found to have liked a bunch of racist, sexist, and transphobic Instagram posts before his time on the show. Oh, and last season on Bachelor in Paradise, a sexual misconduct investigation shut down filming for weeks while production figured that out, too.

Not to sound flip, but The Bachelor franchise has a lot of problems right now that they're not addressing. A rollicking season of Bachelor in Paradise may seem like something fresh and new, but in today's #MeToo world, shows like The Bachelor have a responsibility to their contestants and to their viewers to be forthright and honest in their processes and their casting. Bachelor in Paradise looks like a good time, but other changes need to come, too.