Who Is On 'The Voice's Comeback Team? These Artists Have A Second Chance At Musical Glory

Tyler Golden/NBC

As we dive into the Playoffs round on The Voice, an exciting mini-team has popped up in the competition. "Wait," you might ask, "aren't there just four teams on this show?" To that, I'd tell you "Of course there are. Don't kid yourself, kid." There's also The Comeback Team on The Voice, which is comprised of one contestant from each team who was knocked out but deemed worthy of one final chance at musical glory by their respective coaches. It's an exciting way to switch up the competition without the sadness of sending someone home. Crucially, the existence of The Comeback Team lets us potentially root for a singer we may have loved during the early rounds and we thought got sent home too early.

The Comeback Team is full of my personal faves, all of whom I was pretty bummed to see get knocked out in recent weeks. Johnny Hayes, Jack Cassidy, Felicia Temple, and Johnny Gates all made it back through The Comeback Team; all of them are totally deserving of this second chance.

They were each surprised during their exit interviews during the Knockouts rounds over the last few weeks. We were treated to these heartfelt interactions, where we got to witness (almost literally) the re-ignition of a dream that felt potentially squashed only moments before. I mean, if you could just see the look of sheer joy that came over Cassidy's face when coach Alicia Keys came in to surprise him, you would have been just as happy.

There's no guarantees that the four members of The Comeback Team will make it to the final live rounds. There's only 12 spots available and they are competing with five other singers on their respective teams. That's still some super stiff competition. That said, these singer have proven their mettle onstage time and time again. My gut tells me that their chances are pretty damn good when it comes to succeeding one more time.