This 'Bachelor' Contestant Has Already Taken Some Major Risks For Love

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Some may think that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but reality TV lovers know that this title really belongs to Bachelor season. And now that Colton Underwood will be taking the reins when it comes to distributing those roses, it's high time we start getting to know who will be vying for his attention. For instance, who is Bachelor contestant Revian and what makes her the ideal match for Colton?

Revian's ABC bio reveals that she's 24 years old and currently living in Santa Monica, California. It also lists her as an esthetician, though her Instagram bio clarifies that she is a nurse who specializes in cosmetic dermatology. It's also worth noting that she originally hails from Texas but uprooted her life to move out to sunny Los Angeles. Considering that if things work out well between her and Colton, it's good to know that she seems more than willing to relocate if the right motivation comes along. In fact, her ABC bio reveals in the "fun facts" section that "she once flew across the country to meet a guy she met on the internet." So when it comes to love, she's willing to take some risks and put her heart on the line, which could get her far this season.

However, Colton should be forewarned that she already has one great love in her life: her dog, who she understandably dotes on and posts adorable photos of on her Instagram. Given Colton's love for dogs as well, the two of them should have no trouble whatsoever hitting it off.

Speaking on Instagram, Revian clearly has a strong social media presence and posts photos of herself fairly regularly. She also already seems to be very familiar to the SponCon game, which means she should fit in nicely within the Bachelor universe.

A few other interesting insights that can be gained from perusing her ABC bio is that Revian is fluent in Mandarin, loves Stephen King novels, and has two main passions: travel and food. She'll certainly be able to enjoy plenty of both during her time with Colton, and the longer she's able to stick around, the more fun trips and different destinations she'll be able to visit all over the world.

Based on the official images provided of The Bachelor Season 23 premiere, it looks as though Colton and Revian manage to hit it off rather nicely as soon as she steps out of that limo. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and it seems very possible that sparks could fly by night's end between these two. Perhaps it'll even earn her the highly coveted First Impression Rose of the evening.

Rick Rowell/ABC

Aside from that, viewers will have to wait and get to know Revian a little better when the season kicks off. Will she prove to be one of the top contenders to get Colton down on one knee by season's end? Only time will tell, but so far the odds are looking in her favor.