The Cluster Find An Unlikely Ally In 'Sense8' Season 2

Murray Close/Netflix

Sometimes, shadowy government organizations whose sole purpose is to eliminate mutated humans aren't all bad. As the sensates of Sense8 strive to learn more about The BPO and why this group is hunting them down in Season 2, they come across a man who apparently works for the organization but isn't trying to lobotomize them. But who is he and why is he willing to meet with the sensates one-on-one? Is he actually willing to offer a hand or is he trying to trick the sensates into a state of false security? Who is Richard Wilson Croome on Sense8? Spoilers for Episode 2 and 2 of Sense8 Season 2 below!

Richard Wilson Croome is introduced in the first episode of Season 2, after the sensates find a way to get into Whispers' mind and find out where he is. They soon discover him talking to a superior, Richard Wilson Croome, and Whispers immediately starts to panic, stating that he's been "compromised." The sensates scramble to figure out who he is, and it doesn't occur to them to just wait until he reaches out to have a sit-down with Will at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in front of Rembrandt's famous painting The Night Watch. That's exactly what ends up happening however, and what Croome tells Will could change the way the sensates think of BPO.

Croome explains to Will that "Not everyone [in the BPO] thinks like I do." He goes on to elaborate that the founder of the BPO, Ruth El Sadarwi, had never intended for the organization's relationship with sensates to become one of hunter and prey. "She believed sapiens and sensoriums to be obligate mutualisms, dependent on one another. BPO was founded by her and dedicated to her vision of natural and ethical balance," Croome says.

Basically the BPO was founded on helping the sensates further humanity as a whole, but eventually the mission was changed by "the same thing that changed the rest of the world: 9/11."

Croome explains that after 9/11, sensates were no longer seen as a peaceful evolution of man, but as a threat to "secrecy and sovereignty." Despite the opinions of the larger BPO, Croome promises that he's looking to the bigger picture: "There's a strong group of us inside BPO, we believe we can change the present direction of the organization, back to the vision of El Sadarwi." After meeting with Croome, it looks like the sensates might finally not be on their own, and that they'll actually have allies helping them survive.

This relief is short-lived, however, as Whispers doesn't care much for Croome working with sensates and uses another sensate to brutally murder him right in front of Will. All Croome was able to do to actually help the sensates was give Will a vial of 'psi-blockers', which should help him keep Whispers out of his mind without relying on heroin, and the hope that the sensates do have allies who would like to see them survive.

The world of Sense8 is brutal and unforgiving, and up until now it seemed the sensates only had each other to rely on. As Croome dies on the floor of the Rijksmuseum, the question of "Do the sensates have allies?" is answered and the new question of "Where are their allies?" arises.