If Hannah Doesn't Pick Ryan On 'The Bachelorette,' You Might Want To Date Him Yourself


A new season of the Bachelorette means 30 new suitors for fans to start researching and theorizing about who has the best chance of wooing the leading lady. In Colton Underwood's After The Final Rose special, former Alabama pageant queen Hannah B. was chosen to lead her own season, having landed in seventh place during Colton's run. Now she has a chance to find love again, and she may be in for an adventurous, sun-soaked romance if she keeps Ryan from The Bachelorette around.

Described as "an adventurous risk-taker from Philly," in his ABC bio, Ryan Spirko enjoys hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and even tightrope walking. Apparently, he even once walked a one-inch wire over a 300-foot canyon in Utah. And based on his Instagram, he is clearly most comfortable when he's out in the wilderness with just his gear and the sun on his back.

It's not all just nature walks, though, and outside of his adventures, Ryan sounds like a pretty decent guy. According to his Instagram, it looks like he grew up in a family of mostly women and sees them as a grounding presence in his life, which is always a positive sign to look for in a potential new beau. Ryan's LinkedIn page further reveals that when he's not hitting the trails, he's volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and it appears he's been mentoring a Little Brother for over six years. He's also someone invested in advancing women's healthcare. He currently works as a senior data analyst for Axia Women's Health, a medical practice focused on offering women a "full spectrum of care in obstetrics, gynecology, fertility, maternal fetal medicine, and women's imaging services."

It's clear Ryan has a full-time job doing important work, so why in the world is it listed that Ryan is a "Roller Boy" on his official ABC bio? According to a 2013 film by Jayson Sutcliffe and Polly Watkins, a roller boy is somebody who roller skates professionally — in Sutcliffe's case, he competed internationally for over 20 years, in the same way that ice skaters compete for medals with a combination of choreography and music. Considering there's not a single photo of Ryan actually roller-blading, even for fun, on his Instagram, this title feels misleading.

John Fleenor/ABC

The title likely has something to do with the fact that, based on a first-look photo from the premiere episode (above), he makes his grand limo entrance while wearing roller skates, though it could be a cute play on words. Ryan's Instagram paints a picture of someone who's easygoing and in tune with both nature and himself, so it could be a joke that speaks to his laid-back persona. "Sometimes you just gotta roll with it," he captioned a picture of him laughing at the beach, tagged with a rose emoji and the premiere date of The Bachelorette.

Regardless, Ryan sounds like a great catch, and if Hannah B. doesn't pick him, you might want to slide into his DMs yourself. She has plenty of choices to make this season, so we'll just have to wait and see if Ryan rolls his way into an engagement.