Saturn Girl May Be Using Her Powers On 'Supergirl' For The Wrong Reasons

Diyah Pera/The CW

Supergirl (series developed in part by: Ali Adler) fans are going to get to see another female superhero in action when the show returns for its winter premiere "Legion of Superheroes" — Saturn Girl. Who is Saturn Girl, you ask? Supergirl's new hero is actually someone we've already met: Imra Ardeen, aka Mrs. Mon-El. Imra will finally be making her superhero debut in the field as Saturn Girl on Monday's new episode alongside Mon-El and their Legion of Superheroes.

Despite the fact that she is (at least partly) to blame for Kara's broken heart, Saturn Girl in Supergirl (supervising sound editor: Petra Bach) is pretty cool. A founding member of the Legion of Superheroes, she, like Kara, is an alien, born on the Saturn moon Titan. Known as a telepath, according to DC Comics' official website, Saturn Girl can read people's minds and even manipulate their thoughts and actions, making her a huge asset in the field. And with Kara seriously injured and in a coma following her fight with Reign in the series' winter finale, the D.E.O. is going to need all the help it can get. "She's very well behaved. She's very compassionate, very intelligent, but because she can read people's minds she's a little bit manipulative," actress Amy Jackson revealed in an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Based on the trailer and early sneak peeks of "Legions of Superheroes" it looks like Saturn Girl and Mon-El will be assembling the Legion of Superheroes to protect National City as they wait for Kara to wake up. Also joining them is Brainiac-5, another superhero making his Supergirl debut in the episode. Brainiac-5, it's important to note, is actually a love interest for Kara in the comics, but there's no word on how their relationship will play out on the small screen. Speaking of the arrival of the Legion — Mon-El and Imra specifically — Supergirl star Melissa Benoist revealed to Den of Geek, "For Kara, it's a brand-new set of problems that you'll see pretty quickly." Could the Kara-Mon-El-Imra love triangle be turning into a love square? Maybe, maybe not. Putting aside Brainiac-5's possible romantic intentions towards Kara, the arrival of the Legion of Superheroes could still mean big things for the Karamel relationship.

Saturn Girl's most effective and questionable power is her ability of mind control. And seeing her use that power against Reign will raise the question: what else can she do? Could she, for example, manipulate a fellow alien into thinking he's in love with her? Into thinking that he's married to her? One theory among Karamel fans circulating the web, via ComicBook.com, is that Imra is using her powers to make Mon-El think that they are married. The theory goes on to suggest that Mon-El's decision to keep wearing Kara's necklace is a sign of his subconscious working against Saturn Girl's manipulation. However, the theory does not address one very important point: Imra's motivation. Why would Saturn Girl, a hero by all previous accounts, manipulate Mon-El like that?

In the comics, Saturn Girl manipulates a team member, Ultra Boy, into thinking his wife, Apparition, is with them when they get stuck in a foreign galaxy. She does it to keep him calm in the hopes of helping the Legion survive. If, in fact, Imra is tricking Mon-El in a similar way, then perhaps she is doing it for the same reason: to protect the Legion. (Maybe as a way to motivate him to get the Legion to Kara's time in the first place?) That said, Saturn Girl is also known for having a tendency towards self-sacrifice, so maybe she and Mon-El really are in love and married — it likely just won't last as long as they might have hoped.