Tanya Brings Positivity To 'Little Women: Atlanta'

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Lifetime's juiciest reality show, Little Women: Atlanta, returns Wednesday, Jan. 4 with a couple of new faces. Not only are, Ms. Juicy, Minnie, Tiffany, and the twins all returning for Season 3, but they're adding two new women to the mix. Get ready to meet Tanya on Little Women: Atlanta and based on trailers for the dramatic upcoming season, let's hope that she's ready to keep the peace.

While Tanya may be a new, full-fledged cast member, fans of Little Women: Atlanta have seen her before. She appeared as a "voice of reason" last season and we'll have to wait and see if that continues into Season 3. However, Tanya's Lifetime bio does suggest that the successful, family-focused woman will continue to be a calming presence:

"Tanya is an independent successful little woman in Atlanta who becomes the voice of reason and truth when issues with Minnie can’t seem to be resolved. Usually perched above the drama, she’s able to bring a new perspective on the situation by finding a way to give Minnie the strength to come clean about her lies. However, it doesn’t take long for Tanya to get pulled into the drama herself when her past is dredged up. It’s a constant battle to make time for her business and her friends, but she always puts her two young children first."

It seems like Tanya will be a great new addition to the ensemble and I can't wait to get to know her — especially after checking out her Instagram. Here's what you should know about Tanya before tuning into Season 3, based on her social media and some online sleuthing.

Her Friend Sam Is Also Joining The Cast


Fellow new cast member Sam is Tanya's friend and, since recently moving to Atlanta, roommate. Sam's Lifetime bio states:

"Originally from New Jersey, Sam is Tanya’s long time friend. Looking for a new client base for her makeup business, Sam has come to Atlanta to also help Tanya with her two young kids. Living under Tanya’s roof with two toddlers isn’t always easy, but Sam handles the task at hand with her fearless attitude."

Tanya Owns Her Own Business

Tanya is an herbalist who owns Life Body Naturals. According to Instagram, "Life Body Naturals is a family based company that stands for healing in a balanced way. We believe going to the root of a problem, is the best solution. We will be providing internal healing along with our external healing products for your life body very soon. Energetically and through the use of herbal medicine."

Her Kids Are Adorable

Life with two toddlers must be pretty busy, and that's before you add owning a business and appearing on a reality show.

She's Sort Of A Hippie (In A Good Way)

Tanya's Earthy Instagram posts promote spiritual well-being, environmentalism, and lots of other groovy things. I dig it.

Her Instagram Is Full Of Good Advice

Her posts are all about not sweating the small stuff, tuning out the negative, and focusing on the positive. That's a pretty good attitude for a reality TV star to have.

She's Vegan

She even made a pretty delicious looking vegan cake for her son's birthday.