'TWD' Introduces A Strange New Group

Gene Page/AMC

Has The Walking Dead finally introduced Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers? Don't get too excited (or worried) yet. Though it turns out that Gabriel didn't run away from Alexandria and was actually kidnapped by a junkyard group The Walking Dead introduced in the Feb. 19 episode, that group is not the Whisperers. They are lead by a woman named Jadis who seemed a bit like the villain from the comics, but has proven to be a unique character.

This weird group has everything, except for a name on the series. Luckily, on Talking Dead afterwards, actor Pollyanna McIntosh revealed that the group is The Scavengers, though on set they call themselves the Heapsters. They've got their own sign language. They have a rancor fighting pit with a walker covered in duct tape and spikes. With all of that trash, they've got whosits and whatsits galore!

Well, except for suits made of walker skin, because again, these are apparently not the Whisperers, unless McIntosh is really trying to mess with us. They're just another group of survivors that looks more like a cult than a functioning society on this side of the apocalypse. Not all of the groups are pure evil, and this one is just a little eccentric and menacing. Rick earned Jadis' trust, and they were able to bargain. He will supply guns, and the Garbage Pail Kids will join Rick's Crusade. It's a win all around! Maybe they'll just be red shirts in this ultimate showdown, but I say the more the merrier — especially if it means we get to see more of the very badass Jadis.