Does This Snapchat Reveal 'The Bachelorette' Season 13 Winner?

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette revealed that she is indeed engaged. And now, a new image is making the rounds on social media that involves speculation on whether Lindsay revealed the Bachelorette winner in a Snapchat, first reported by TMZ. The Snapchat surfaced recently on the account of what may be someone close to Lindsay or who happened to be at the same party as Lindsay (since Lindsay reportedly doesn't have a Snapchat). In this one particular image, it looks as if the Bachelorette may be seated next to a guy who looks suspiciously like Season 13 suitor Peter Kraus. But Lindsay wouldn't spoil the winner of her season, would she?

The dark hair, the heavy 5 o'clock shadow, the curious seating arrangement: All of it adds up to someone who very much resembles Kraus and could be Kraus. Alas, TMZ dashed all our hopes for a sweet spoiler when they confirmed it was in fact not Kraus after all, writing that "he is a friend of a friend of Rachel's ... and absolutely not Peter." It's understandable that this Snapchat would go viral as a possible Season 13 spoiler, given that Lindsay is no stranger to spoilers and some of the suitors are already steeped in scandal.

However, this is one spoiler that's been proven false. TMZ provided no answers or even clues about who the mystery guy next to Lindsay might be. This is one mystery that was solved just as quickly as it began.

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that this once-viral Snapchat is actually just a Snapchat. No more, no less, and blessedly, no spoilers. I'll admit that it was a bit of a letdown to know that Lindsay is already engaged with Season 13 barely underway (although, that won't keep me from watching). Then again, I doubt Lindsay would be reckless enough to appear in a Snapchat when it would risk a serious contract violation with Bachelorette producers; she's a lawyer and one tough cookie, so nothing's going to get by her if it's in regards to possible contractual violations.

For now, Bachelor Nation can rest easy that in the knowledge that the Season 13 winner — and Lindsay's fiancé — is a still a mystery unto us. Whew.