The Mystery Woman's Identity Has Been Revealed On 'Scandal'

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Since Frankie Vargas was murdered at the beginning of Scandal Season 6, a certain blonde woman has put the fate of the presidency in serious danger. After using Rowan as her own personal puppet to ensure that Mellie Grant would win the electoral college vote, she killed Elizabeth North with a golf club to show she meant business... but now, her villainy might officially be over. On Thursday night's episode of Scandal, Jake discovers important information about the mystery woman, and it helps him take her down for once and for all.

Thanks to his sleuthing skills, Jake was able to determine that her name is Samantha... and that's about it. According to him, there was no evidence of her ever existing — no records of her past or anything else. But even though she's obviously hiding all kinds of secrets, Jake found one of them pretty quickly: A tracking device embedded in her neck. But with Peus detonating drones all over the country until she's released, they don't have much time to figure out what all of this means.

But then, Cyrus proved exactly why he would have been an awesome president: He came up with the idea to tell Samantha that Peus is already in their custody. It's not like she has access to any form of communication — how would she know any different?

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. When David Rosen goes in to give her the contract that would promise her immunity if she offered up everything she knows, she realizes that he's lying and rips the contract up. But it's not like it matters, because Jake and Fitz are able to work together to bring both her and Peus down, which means they can't threaten Mellie or The White House anymore... and this very drawn out storyline is finally over.

Since Scandal never features enough Jake (at least, in my opinion), I'm glad to see he was key in taking Peus down. Now, I just have to hope the rest of the season gives him his due, too. Shonda Rhimes, don't let me down.