Yovanna Is Doing The Absolute Most To Become A Regular 'RHOA' Presence


Sometimes, reality TV show personalities are born out of guests who insert themselves into the drama. They have some sort of connection to one of the cast mates and make sure they use any screen time they have to steal the show and stir up controversy. This seems to be the case with Gail Momsplaisir, better known as Yovanna, a woman who seemingly came out of no where to be extremely messy. So, who is Yovanna on Real Housewives of Atlanta? She shares a few things in common with RHOA star Eva Pigford.

Yovanna, who frequents Nene’s boutique, and her husband popped up earlier this season at a “Boobs & Bourbon” dinner party with the rest of the cast. In an attempt to stir up conversation (or drama), Kandi noted that Yovanna and Eva both attended Clark Atlanta University at the same time. Eva immediately admitted that she didn’t know Yovanna, which makes sense because there are literally thousands of people at a major university. But, Yovanna insisted that they did know each other because they share a friend named Tiffany, who was a bridesmaid in Eva’s wedding.

Eva was initially cordial to Yovanna but things quickly got out of hand when Porsha asked how they don't know each other if they have a friend in common. And, of course, Marlo stirred the pot by insinuating that Eva didn’t “see” Yovanna, which caused the newcomer to get angry and go left field.

Yovanna was upset that Eva greeted her like she had never met her, which she claimed was “impossible” because she was “that b*tch from CAU.” Everyone, including Yovanna’s husband, looked amused, confused, and downright embarrassed by her outburst. And, it didn’t change anything because Eva still didn’t have a clue who she was by the end of the conversation.

It's possible that Eva was just being shady, but there's also the chance that she really doesn't know Yovanna. To be fair, Eva said she has been out of college for 16 years. Since then, she’s met thousands if not millions of people as an actress and model, so it totally makes sense if she doesn’t recognize a girl she may have encountered in college. It’s possible that they partied together or hung out because of a shared friend, but the chances of Yovanna remembering Eva are greater because Eva is a public figure. And, a woman doesn't have to be familiar or know every single person that her good friend happens to know as well.

Yovanna recently showed up on the scene once again at Nene's boutique and in last week's episode at Kandi's dungeon party rocking a wig, so it's clear that she will be a recurring face on this show. Of course, Eva wasn't in attendance because she was prepping for her wedding, but just imagine the potential shade that could have taken place if she was in the building.

Unsurprisingly, RHOA isn’t Yovanna’s first stint on a reality TV series. She starred on an episode of Bridezilla and Say Yes to the Dress back in 2013 where she had several meltdown moments while preparing for her lavish Miami wedding to her rich hubby Greg. Her Say Yes to the Dress episode does feature Tiffany Robertson as her maid of honor, so they are indeed close friends. Yovanna's Instagram page features several snapshots with Greg as well as RHOA stars Nene and Shamari at several events. It's clear that she likes to vacation and party in between keeping her eyes on becoming a staple on this show.

No one knows what will happen with Yovanna next or if she will make her way to any other reality TV shows. But, her introduction on RHOA will always be memorable and absolutely hilarious.