Here's Why You Recognize Alyssa From 'The Order'


"Magic. Monsters. And....midterms?" That's the log line for Netflix's new show The Order, and it seemingly delivers on just that. The series premieres March 7 and follows Jack, a college student out to avenge his mom's death. To do so, he joins a secret society called The Order that uses dark magic. One member of that society is The Order star Sarah Grey, who plays Alyssa on the show.

When fans first see Alyssa in the trailer for the series, she's telling Jack, "Everyone knows The Order is fake news." But in a later scene, we see her pull off a hood to reveal that she's actually in said Fake News Order. And she's been tasked with helping Jack figure out how to properly use magic to wage war against werewolves. Other moments from the trailer reveal more about Alyssa's character and her dynamic with Jack. At one point he pleads with her, "If you don't do something, people are gonna die." In another scene she forcefully tells him, "This is what you signed up for." At some point they make out. You know, it's your typical drama for a show about dark magic and werewolves and war but also college.

But if you think this show is gonna go the way of How To Get Away With Murder and take place at a college but also never really talk about school — you're wrong. The show is seemingly so invested in the "this is happening at school" part of things that we even know what Alyssa's major is. According to Deadline, she's a "smart overachiever with a double major in poli-sci." Such important information to know about her non-dark magic life, honestly.

Grey is no stranger to being on shows with supernatural elements. Before The Order, she played Stargirl on the CW's Legends of Tomorrow, and her IMDb page lists a number of other unique roles that might have prepared her for her part as Alyssa. She's been in Embrace of a Vampire; Liar, Liar, Vampire; iZombie; Power Rangers; and Once Upon A Time, to name a few. Essentially, she's well versed in the goings on of supernatural worlds.


However, Grey doesn't just play a magician on TV, she's a fan of them IRL. Or at least, a fan of Harry Potter. (Although, who isn't?) In an interview with Just Jared, Grey shared a number of fun facts about herself, including which Hogwarts house she's in. "I am a Gryffindor and have the test to prove it," she told the outlet. Other fun facts include that if she could have any super power, she'd choose healing; the color blue makes her "feel happy and at peace;" she makes a mean pumpkin pie; and she once owned a pet turtle named Squirt.

None of that is really relevant to The Order, but it is fun sometimes to get to know the people behind the characters. You can see Grey tackle the role of Alyssa starting March 7 on Netflix.