This Is Who Plays Lyanna Stark On 'GoT'

Helen Sloan/HBO

The Season 7 season finale of Game of Thrones had a lot of things to take it for fans. But, between undead dragons and the death of a main character, it was the secret wedding of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark that stood out as one of the most satisfying moments of the entire finale. So, who plays Lyanna Stark on Game of Thrones? Fans finally got to see more of her during the final episode.

The actor who plays Lyanna is Aisling Franciosi. If you remember, fans were only given a brief glimpse of Lyanna Stark last season when Bran had his vision of her giving birth (and unfortunately, later dying) in the Tower of Joy in Dorne during Robert's rebellion. It's in this sad scene where she makes her brother Ned promise to protect her and Rhaegar's child (who we now know is Jon Snow). Unfortunately, fans only saw Lyanna for a moment, and she was bleeding and dying. On Sunday, Bran took a peek back at the secret wedding that occurred between her and Rhaegar and we finally saw more of Franciosi  — and in a happier moment.

Franciosi is from Italy and besides being the perfect Lyanna Stark, she is best known for her role as Kate Crawford in Legends and Katie Benedetto in The Fall. When she sat down to speak with entertainment.ie about her role as Lyanna Stark, the actor admitted that she didn't even know what role she was playing until extremely close to filming time, because HBO was so secretive. She told the site, "They didn't have the real names of anyone. So I didn't actually know I was playing Lyanna until I got the actual scene, which was much closer to shooting time."

Hopefully, we get to see more of Franciosi next season on Game of Thrones. After all, there are plenty of Lyanna flashbacks for Bran to give us a look into.