This Bud Light Super Bowl Ad Will Leave You Saying “Dilly Dilly”

People all across the land will cry “touchdown" on Sunday, Feb. 4. They will cry “offsides.” They will cry “dilly dilly.” And they may wonder who plays the Bud Knight in Bud Light's 2018 Super Bowl commercial. On Thursday, Feb. 1, Bud Light released its ad for the big game, which happens to be the latest chapter in the “Dilly Dilly” series. This installment introduced another character: The enigmatic, brewski-loving Bud Knight.

In the epic TV spot for Budweiser's less caloric cousin, a knight in head-to-toe Bud Light armor interrupts a medieval battle. The Bud Knight's mission: get to ye olde convenience shoppe that's on the other side of the battlefield for some provisions. And yes, the provisions are of the malty and hoppy variety.

Here's what we know about the Bud Knight: The Bud Knight looks like what would happen if the Mountain from Game of Thrones got lost on the way to Winterfell and wound up spending a weekend at a tailgate. The Bud Knight sounds like what Kylo Ren probably sounds like when he first wakes up after falling asleep with his mask still on. And the Bud Knight acts like that one guy from Biology 101 who somehow manages to ace the course even though he regularly leaves the class 30 minutes before it’s over because he’d rather be at happy hour.

But who is the Bud Knight? What is the name of the actor perched upon that chainmail-wearing steed? And is the person in the costume the same person behind that booming modulated voice?

Alas, those questions are not answerable. Not yet, at least. There’s squat out in the internet waters regarding the name of the actor behind the Bud Light Knight, and that’s intentional. When Bustle reached out to Bud Light about who plays the magical beer sword-wielding knight, their team replied, “For now, Bud Knight’s identity will remain a mystery.” Some may even call it a myster-dilly dilly.

The Bud Knight spot is one piece of Bud Light’s ongoing “Dilly Dilly” ad campaign. Back in August 2017, Anheuser-Busch dropped a commercial titled “Banquet,” or the ad that launched a thousand toasts of "dilly dilly." The clip depicts a gathering set in medieval times where subjects present a king with cases upon cases of Bud Light, and each gift is punctuated with a “dilly dilly.” However, when one subject dares to offer His Royal Beerness a bottle of spiced mead wine, all goes to pot. No amount of heartfelt dilly dillies can undo his blunder of bringing spiced mead wine to this gathering of Bud Light fans.

Smash cut to several months (and many dilly dillies later): Bud Light has revealed a dilly dilly-themed Super Bowl ad. "The Bud Knight" is the third and final installment of the Dilly Dilly trilogy that kicked off last December with an ad called “Wizard.” Part two, which first aired during the AFC and NFC Championship games and will air again during the first quarter of the Super Bowl, is titled “Ye Olde Pep Talk.” And at some point during the quarter before halftime, “The Bud Knight” will gallop onto television sets far and wide.

Though this is the last part of the current “Dilly Dilly” series, it is not the last of the dilly dilly. Bud Light vice president of marketing Andy Goehler said in a press release,

“The final chapter of our Bud Light ‘Dilly Dilly’ trilogy is definitely an epic one, but stay tuned for more from Bud Light and the Dilly Dilly universe in 2018.”

There's more dilly dilly to come, you say?

Well, dilly dilly to that. And a dilly dilly to the Bud Knight, whoever they may be.