Who Slapped Nick On 'The Bachelor'? Josephine's Hit Could Be A Preview Fake-Out

Rick Rowell/ABC

OK, Bachelor — I see you and what you’re doing here. You do this to me every year, and I fall for it. You show an action-packed season of drama and intrigue and then half of it never happens the way it appears in the promo. On Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, it appears that the women revolt against him and he is even struck by one of them. Does Josephine really slap Nick on The Bachelor? Or is it all just preview smoke and mirrors?

The producers on The Bachelor are famous for misdirection. For every actual fight that happens on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, there are three clips which are just the audio of someone gasping placed over sirens and the sound of crying. They usually like to throw a pregnancy scare in there, especially if it’s on Bachelor In Paradise. Having been a long-time viewer, I’m always on the hunt to see what’s real and what’s fake, and I think that the slap seen in the first big Bachelor promotion video is fake (see it below around the 1:40 mark). There’s no way that Josephine would slap Nick this hard without it being part of a skit or a group date or something. I don’t know what kind of contracts they sign, but can’t you get thrown off for violence?

My guess is that this is part of some kind of role-playing or acting skit, mostly because someone would probably get sued if one person on the show assaulted another, and also because The Bachelor loves to humiliate its contestants by making them act in front of crowds. Remember when the women on Chris Soules’ season had to write and sing a song on a group date? Horrific. My guess is that’s the case here, and it’s just put in the preview to add drama and interest to the new season. But, only time will truly tell.