Let's Talk About That Shocking Twist In The 'On My Block' Season 2 Finale

Nicola Goode/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for On My Block Season 2. Picking up a month after Olivia's quinceañera, On My Block Season 2 follows the four remaining kids as they deal with the aftermath of their friend's death. Cesar (Diego Tinoco) is in some particularly hot water after learning that the perpetrator, Latrelle, is back in town. As a result, the former Santos member has a target on his back, and Cesar spends much of Season 2 couch-surfing, unable to stay anywhere too long lest he put his friends at risk. So when the On My Block kids are kidnapped in the Season 2 finale, it's anyone's guess as to who did it.

Olivia's death has understandably taken a toll on their friend group: Ruby (Jason Genao) starts the season recovering from a gunshot wound and struggling with PTSD. Jamal, on the other hand, is a bit preoccupied trying to figure out what to do with the RollerWorld money he found in Season 1. They eventually figure out how to launder the cash, which Spooky (Julio Macias) uses to ensure Cesar's safety. But instead of giving the rival gang, the Prophets, the RollerWorld money, he switches it out for the marked bills from the Santos' Freeridge Savings heist.

As a result, the entire gang gets taken down by the police — Latrelle included — so everyone assumes they're safe. That is, until in the closing shots of Season 2, we see some obscured figures in all black get out of a van, throw hoods over Cesar, Ruby, Jamal, and Monse's (Sierra Capri) heads, and presumably kidnap them.

While audiences can't see the kidnappers' faces, since they're out-of-focus and wearing masks, there are a few theories as to who they were.

The Prophets

This is the most likely outcome, since the last two episodes of Season 2 followed Spooky and Cesar outwitting their rival gang. And although it appears as though all of the Prophets were arrested, a few members may have evaded capture and come back to finish the job. Either that, or they may have gotten out on bail or something. Although Spooky assures the kids that the marked money can never be traced back to them, perhaps it somehow does.

The Santos

Look, Spooky would never do anything to hurt Cesar or his friends, but perhaps this could all be part of an elaborate ruse to ensure the kids are safe. After all, he and his brother pulled off a convincing performance for the Prophets, so could this kidnapping be part of it? On the flipside, this could be someone else from the Santos who's less-than-enthused about Spooky wasting the RollerWorld money.


We already know that the former Santos member is a creepy dude (what's with the gnomes?!), but perhaps he finds out what Cesar and Spooky are planning. What's more, he probably discovers that Cesar stole his gun from the safe. Kidnapping the kids could be retaliation for them giving the RollerWorld money away.

Someone At The Money Bunny

Although the kids are under the impression that they convincingly pulled off their disguises and fake IDs, perhaps someone realizes their plan and is hot on their trail. While Jamal is paranoid, he may have been onto something when he tells Monse over the phone that someone could be listening to their conversation.

Rosé Westbrook

Rosé obviously doesn't need the money (she lives in Brentwood, after all), but since she was in love with Santos member, Frankie, she has a personal connection to the RollerWorld money. It's a bit of a stretch, but then again, this is a show with a man whose best friends are gnomes.

Someone From The Police Station

Obviously, it's kind of a no-no for police officers to kidnap teenagers as they're walking to school, but perhaps there's either a dirty cop in the precinct or someone else in the building overheard what the kids were planning. Jasmine is a proud member of the Explorer program, after all, and she's a blabbermouth, to boot.

But whoever the kidnappers end up being, it's a compelling way to close out an exciting season of On My Block. Hopefully all four kids are OK and that it all turns out to be an elaborate ruse.