The Humpty Dumpty Super Bowl Ad Is Unexpected


The Super Bowl is this weekend, and you know what that means: Commercials! Yes, to many people, what happens on the field between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots is of little importance compared to the entertainment that happens in between plays. Super Bowl commercials have a strong tradition, and over the past few years companies have often given previews to their big game ads online. One such company that's done so this year is TurboTax, who has a darkly humorous Humpty Dumpty ad. But who voices Humpty Dumpty in the TurboTax Super Bowl ad?

The ad features the anthropomorphic egg falling off a wall while doing his taxes on his phone, which results in his vomiting yolk, among other things. And even though the campaign is generating a lot of buzz leading up to the big game, the voice of the nursery rhyme character has not been revealed by TurboTax, meaning that it's probably not anyone famous. This represents a bit of a change of pace for the tax software company, who often feature celebrities in their ads. During 2014's Super Bowl, TurboTax featured an ad with John C. Reilly, last year their commercial starred Anthony Hopkins, and they are currently running a star-studded campaign with various spots featuring DJ Khaled, Kathy Bates, and David Ortiz, respectively. But when it comes to the Humpty Dumpty ad, it seems like the company is focusing on creativity over star power.

So what companies will be trotting out celebs for the big game, if not TurboTax? Well, Wix.com, whatever that is, has put together a mini action film starring Jason Statham and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

Kia has a campaign for the big game starring comedy superstar Melissa McCarthy, which looks to challenge for the funniest spot of the night.

Mercedes gives fans some old school cool with an Easy Rider-inspired ad that's directed by the Coen Brothers and stars legendary actor Peter Fonda.

And Squarespace has a hilarious spot with John Malcovich, well, being John Malcovich.

Even though TurboTax's Humpty Dumpty ad doesn't seem to star any celebrities, it's a very creative and funny spot, and the Super Bowl will still be full of plenty of other commercials that do feature some familiar faces.