Here's Why Pogo's Voice Is So Familiar On 'The Umbrella Academy'

Courtesy of Netflix

Whether it's a telekinetic dinosaur, a telekinetic gorilla, a bounty hunting raccoon, or a superdog named Krypto, every superhero team needs a sidekick who's not 100 percent human, and Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is no exception. The show's gifted (but dysfunctional) family is joined by a talking chimpanzee named Pogo, voiced by Adam Godley. The British actor has been in a lot, and if you don't recognize his voice, you definitely know his face.

In the comics, Dr. Phinneus Pogo assists the Umbrella Academy's orphan siblings after previously serving their adoptive father Sir Reginald Hargreeves. He is likely one of Hargreeves' experiments himself. "Pogo tries to carry on his deceased master's legacy by keeping the siblings together," according to Deadline, who describes Pogo as trusting and wise, with a penchant for tweed jackets. While they live in a supernatural world, Pogo is one of the only characters who seems completely computer generated. Are there other talking animals in Umbrella Academy? We're going to have to wait and see.

As for Godley, the actor has been onstage and onscreen, earning a Tony nomination in 2011 for Anything Goes and several Olivier Award nominations in London. He was a series regular on Playstation Networks' Powers, and was recently seen in AMC's Wyatt Russell dramedy Lodge 49 as Jocelyn Pugh. But if you need a more detailed breakdown to place him, keep on reading.

The Music Teacher In Love Actually

Or maybe he's the principal? Anyway, you definitely know him as the scarf-rocking backup singer who asks the audience to "forgive" the dorky staff participation in the school's big closing number.

Mike TeeVee's Dad in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Not to be confused with Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, this is the Tim Burton adaptation we're talking about.

The Series Finale Of Breaking Bad

Actually, his character Elliott Swartz appeared in Season 1 as well, so this return was a major callback for super fans of the AMC series.

Nigel Nesbitt On Suits

In Season 3, Godley joined the series as a rival for Louis Litt. Due to the striking physical resemblance, Louis nicknamed him Prince Charles. Wouldn't it be funny if Godley ultimately played His Royal Highness in a later season of The Crown, and had to interact with someone portraying a fictional version of his one time IRL co-star, Meghan Markle?

The Doctor In The Theory Of Everything

Fitting, as Godley has been in everything. His film credits also include Nanny McPhee, Son Of Rambow (which stars a young Will Poulter), and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. He's in one episode of Mad Men, a two-parter on Merlin, a key character in Dollhouse, the Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe miniseries A Young Doctor's Notebook, and so much more.

As Pogo, this is Godley's first real foray into voice work, motion capture, and science fiction. However, it's nice to know that even though you won't see his face on The Umbrella Academy, he'll at least sound familiar.