Here's Who Went Home On 'The Bachelor' This Week


Did you want Krystal to go home on The Bachelor during Monday's Jan. 29 episode? Sorry, friends, she's still here. But three women were eliminated from The Bachelor during Week 5, and they're not pleased that Krystal made the cut when they didn't. After a week where Krystal literally gave up her group date out of anger (it was super childish), it was pretty shocking that Arie chose to keep her around. But, what isn't surprising is that the eliminated three women were less than thrilled that Krystal got to skip around with a rose while they packed up for good. (She didn't actually skip, but I bet she would have.)

But, goodbye really isn't ever totally goodbye on this show. There's Bachelor in Paradise to look forward to for a lucky few former contestants, as well as Instagram sponsorships and a Bachelor Family filled with other guys for these ladies to potentially date. It didn't work out with Arie, but it's also not going to work out with Arie for 28 of his 29 women. They're certainly not alone in their elimination.

Still, they're gone too soon (too soon for me to even really remember who some of them are), so time to sift through their ABC bios for a real peek at who Arie said goodbye to.


Age: 25

Job: Real estate agent

Ashley is from Florida, so her Florida elimination had to sting a little. But, hey, at least the show didn't have to pay for a plane ticket? A little more about Ashley: She hates doing laundry saying, "[It] takes me a whole week from washing to folding and putting it all away." She also can't live without "my family, friends, Spotify, hair straightener, and cute clothes." She probably had to give Spotify up to film the show, so I bet that was rough. She also loves Brad Pitt and The Family Stone and doesn't consider herself an expert in art, which is honestly fine. I doubt Arie is either. Unless that art is drawn on cars, which he's obsessed with.


Age: 23

Job: Photographer

After leaving The Bachelor last week to attend her grandfather's funeral, Maquel returned on Monday... only to get sent home that same week. Ouch. It's an added slap in the face that she listed Paris as her "most romantic" city and she missed out on that date by one week. She also loves Halloween, Ryan Gosling (who doesn't?), and hates being #Hangry. Same, girl. Too bad you can't eat the food on Bachelor dates. That's a recipe for Hangriness.


Age: 27

Job: Restaurant owner

Upon being sent home, Marikh remarked in her talking head that at least Krystal's true colors will eventually come out. I think they did a bit this week with the bowling date fiasco. One more meltdown like that, and I doubt Arie will keep her around much longer. Anyway, back to Marikh. She said in her bio that "I enjoy being mysterious," but she maybe was a little too mysterious for Arie, who didn't feel he got to know her well enough to keep her around. She also loves Meryl Streep, says she's a good cook (she owns a restaurant so I would hope so), and is most afraid of unfulfilled potential.

I don't know what The Bachelor world holds next for these three ladies, though I would assume you can see them sporting hair vitamins and Fab Fit Fun boxes any minute now. Beyond that, you'll just have to keep an eye on what comes their way. Though, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them shows up this summer in Paradise...