Amazon's 'Z' Introduces Zelda Fitzgerald's Sisters


If you swoon over anything relating to the Jazz Age, Amazon Prime has just released an original series that is sure to become your next obsession. Z: The Beginning Of Everything tells the story of Zelda Fitzgerald (formerly Sayre), played brilliantly by Chistina Ricci, and you may recognize that last name because she took it when she married iconic author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Since the series follows her before and after meeting the famed author, we'll get a peek at Zelda Fitzgerald's sisters, parents, and life in Montgomery, Alabama.

That's an especially good thing because there's not a ton of information about the other Sayre sisters out there. Zelda seems to be the most outspoken of the family, and not just because she married Scott. She was a writer and artist in her own right, was known as one of the original flappers, and helped to cultivate the image of a woman in the 1920s. As for the rest of her family, she had three sisters named Marjorie, Rosalind, and Clothilde, as well as a brother, Anthony Jr., according to Sally Cline's Zelda Fitzgerald: The Tragic, Meticulously Researched Biography of the Jazz Age's High Priestess. Zelda was the youngest of the five children of of Alabama Supreme Court Justice Anthony Dickson Sayre and Minnie Buckner Machen Sayre.

Cline's biography offers the most information about Zelda's sisters, who play a role in Z: The Beginning of Everything. The author described Marjorie, the eldest, as "a frail and nervous girl" who once entered a mental institution for a slight breakdown 1945. Rosalind, the middle sister, is described as "stalwart and feisty," and Clothilde as the inspiration for Joan in Zelda's novel, Save Me The Waltz.

With so little information about the rest of Zelda's family, I'm glad we can now see more of her early life and background in Z: The Beginning Of Everything.