Who Wins 'The Bachelorette' 2-On-1? Lee & Kenny's Fates Are In Rachel's Hands

Thomas Lekdorf/ABC

Nearly every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette has included a two-on-one date, and this time around, it's been a pretty dramatic one. On Monday night's episode, Lee and Kenny had to share Rachel's time with the date presumably ending in one (or more) of them leaving the show for good. So who wins the two-on-one Bachelorette date? The show left us on a cliffhanger, but the answer to that question is less than 24 hours away since The Bachelorette is also on Tuesday this week.

Kenny and Lee's feud has been the focus the last few episodes, and now, Rachel's getting involved. More than one of the guys have admitted that they think Lee's actions have racial undertones — whether he intends them to or not — and Kenny has already expressed his frustration over being described as "aggressive." Given Lee's racially insensitive alleged tweets (his account has since been made private and ABC declined to comment on his alleged words), and the fact that he's already shown himself to be antagonistic, it would seem that the clear answer here would be that Rachel sends him home. But after watching the beginning of the date, it's not going to be that easy.

During her talk with Lee, Rachel listened to where he was coming from when he talked about his issues with Kenny... but there's also that chance that she didn't really believe him, so his future is already looking murky.

And then, her conversation with Kenny left him feeling really frustrated at the things Rachel told him that Lee had said... and he did use some of his time with Rachel to discuss his issues with Lee, which is something that she hasn't looked too fondly on so far this season. Overall, Rachel seemed to respond better to him than Lee, though, but is that really a shock? So far, everyone has responded to everyone better than Lee.

So far, it looks like the odds are definitely just barely in Kenny's favor — and he deserves so much more than what this show has given him. It's hard not to hope Tuesday night's episode gives fans a victory over Lee, but it's too soon to tell. Don't let everyone down, Bachelorette.