Here's Who Your Next Travel Companion Should Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let's be real — vacations can be really fun or really stressful, depending on who you're with. You'll want to pick the ideal travel mate when you're trying to detox from the everyday drama of work and school. And given that, there may be a person in your life that you should go on a trip with, based on your sign.

You won't necessarily have a bad time with others — but your natal chart can determine what types of intimate relationships in your life will make you the most comfortable. Your sign's astrological house could play into this a lot — if you're a 4th house ruler who wants to be around family, or an 11th house ruler who wants to be around friends, this will make your preferences differ. And based on your element (each sign is fire, water, earth, or air), you might be drawn toward new adventure in a fresh relationship or want to be a little more low key with some familiar loved ones. Your temperamental quality — your sign is either cardinal, mutable, and fixedmay also determine if you're more go with the flow or firm about your choices.

So let's look at who your ideal travel mate is, based on your star sign:


Your latest fling may give you the right spark of excitement you're looking for on a trip. Yeah yeah, you love the others in your life. But you want to solidify fun times with the new too. You're a cardinal fire sign, and you aren't about letting the flame of a fling go out. Flaunt your independence and win your crush over the next time you randomly take them on a road trip, surprise them by getting away to the beach for a weekend, or do anything remotely spontaneous.


Whoever will make your trip easier is the best companion in your book. You're looking at the qualities of who's going with you, not just who they are in your life. Whether it's a friend who has deep knowledge of the architecture in Italy for your next European excursion, or the person who values home cooked meals like you for a getaway in the forest, you're going to pick people with similar interests who can really feel the moment with you. It's also because you're a fixed earth sign, and you stubbornly know what you want. Sorry not sorry!


You love going with a huge group of friends. Gemmies like you don't like solo adventuring as much. Plan your girls' night out around an opportunity to get as many faces in one area as possible! You love settings in which you can just flow as a mutable air sign. You thrive on the environment being energetic, and the more people that get along, the merrier. You'd be the perf organizer for a mass camping trip, and if anyone can convince skeptical others of the power of "the more the merrier," it's you.


Anyone who feels like family gives you the best vibes. It could be your literal parents, your sibs, your close relations, or the family you chose. In any case, you want people who can indulge in those nostalgic moments together for an excursion. You just want someone to help you catch all those falling memories! Cancers can reminisce on emotional moments because they are flowy, feely cardinal water signs. Use that to your advantage when finding a travel bud fit. Even if someone isn't your literal sister or brother, feeling a lifelong blood bond is key to your happiness on a trip.


You're the loyal queen of the zodiac, so it's only fair that you can express that loyalty by bringing along your BFF. Your best bud is the one that knows you so well and can make you laugh and cry all in the same breath. They'll tell you if you should not text your ex, if your restaurant choices are bonkers, and will be the best person for you to feel happy in a new location no matter what. You love being totally 100 percent yourself, and the ones that judge you least for it are the ones that know you the most. Take your BFF along, because they're only going to make the special moments better to keep the fuel burning for a fixed fire sign like you. Whether it's across the state or across the globe, take your ride-or-die with you!


Your little siblings (if they're organized enough) will keep up with you on your next big trip. As a Virgo, you love caring for others, and while you don't always have enough patience to be a babysitter type, people that will allow you to care for them are going to make the trip even better. Your mutable earth sign energy means you love meeting people's needs and being appreciated for thinking of everything (First aid kid? Check. Map of the city? Check. Sunscreen? Definitely check.). Younger kids, or friends who are young at heart, will definitely thank you for this.


Your long term significant other is always your go-to partner for a trip. When you travel with someone you're trying to see a future with, you'll be able to gauge if the relationship will go the distance based on how they operate under stress. It's part of your perceptiveness as a cardinal air sign — you can just get impressions of people under new settings. Take your partner out to a romantic foreign getaway, or spend some time driving down the state too. You'll see how they react under pressure, or how loving and considerate they are of your needs in new settings. This is the best way for you to center your very balanced intuition even further.


A stranger is actually your favorite sort of person for going on trips together. You're not the kind of person who necessarily dislikes familiarity, but you get a unique thrill out of trying to understand a new body and what makes them tick. Granted, don't go and pick someone off the street too randomly... there are some things even your fixed water sign can't handle. But if it's just a classmate or coworker you've only ever had one good conversation with, don't be afraid of looking too intense and asking them to go on a unique adventure with you. Use your intuition — some people will go for the thrill and not judge you for asking. The excitement of offering will already be a riot for you.


Alone might actually be your best mode when it comes to travel. Sag, you are so independent that you need room to breathe when it comes to exploring. How else is your mutable fire sign self going to make all those important philosophical connections you inevitably will? Don't feel obligated to bring someone along on your next trip — take the time to be alone and assess who you are in this great big world.


You'd nerd out about going on a professional retreat, Cap, so do it. Your colleagues will thank you that you orchestrated an opportunity to bond and get closer. You're the queen of networking, and your work friends will certainly like that you know how to bring people together in these sorts of circles. Take it as your creative cardinal earth sign side churning out ideas for getaways at its best, whether it's everyone going camping or everyone deciding to get a small log cabin and do bonding exercises. Woot woot!


You'd usually prefer going on a trip alone, but you won't end it alone. Knowing you, an Aquarius is prone to making friends on a vacation by themselves. You love going in solo and coming out with some great memories with lifelong friends you'll cherish. Don't force yourself to take along others on your adventures — listen to what your gut tells you, whether it says to be alone or to just take someone rando (more often than not, it's the former right?). It'll manifest as the best time for you, regardless. You're a fixed air sign; life flows toward you, you lucky sign, you!


Whoever's willing to go with you somewhere is your favorite person to travel with. Your ideal companion has to radiate sincerity about where you're trying to go, because your mutable water sign self picks up authenticity so fast. As long as the person going is as gung-ho as you are about the location you picked, you can't go wrong.