Whole Foods Is Having A MAJOR 25% Off Beauty Sale & Here Are The Best Buys

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Whole Foods is on a mission to help you see your makeup differently. While you're trying to eat organically and fill your body full of clean ingredients, the national grocer thinks you should be just as concerned about what you put on your skin. Whole Foods' Beauty Week sale will help you make the switch from chemical-filled staples to clean beauty, all on a discount.

Anyone who has tried to buy clean beauty products knows that it's not exactly cheap. From skin care to shampoos to lipsticks, clean beauty products challenge the budget almost as much as organic fruits and veggies. While it might be hard to overturn your beauty routine and replace it with green beauty in one fell swoop, it's doable if you go product by product. And when stores like Whole Foods have sales on said beauty products, it's even kinder to your wallet.

Whole Foods' Beauty Week sale will run from March 27 to April 2. Makeup, skin care, hair care, nail polish, perfume, and makeup brushes will be 25 percent off, and you will get an additional 10 percent off on top of that if you are a Prime Member.

Whole Foods is trying to educate its shoppers on why the switch to clean beauty is worth the price tag. A recent survey conducted by Whole Foods found that one third of shoppers don't understand the ingredients found on the back of their beauty products. In that same survey, Whole Foods discovered that 59 percent of shoppers don't even regularly read the care labels before buying those products.

In order to help ease the burden on shoppers when it comes to reading these confusing labels, Whole Foods created strict Body Care Standards for all the beauty products it carries. That way you can be sure that what you're putting on your skin isn't hurtful in any way. The store banned more than 100 ingredients that are routinely found in mainstream beauty products.

In addition to that, Whole Foods wants shoppers to be aware that there are no regulations for labeling beauty and body care products as "organic." So what you're slathering on your skin or sweeping across your eyelids can very well not be clean, even if the product states it is. This led Whole Foods to create its own regulations, following the USDA's National Organic Standards for food. That way, the organic beauty that Whole Foods sells is just as organic as the avocado in its produce section.

“These findings on consumer perceptions and buying habits showcase a continued need for broader awareness around better-for-you beauty and body care ingredients,” said Jen Coccaro, Director of Merchandising, Whole Body, in a statement. “Whole Foods Market will continue to educate and empower consumers around our belief that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it.”

In addition to the sale, Whole Foods will host its first-ever beauty swap. You bring in any empty containers you have, and in return you will get a clean beauty goody bag that is valued at $100. The catch is that the swap will be taking place only at five select Whole Foods locations: the Tribeca location in New York City, Lakeview in Chicago, Philly Center City in Philadelphia, Potrero Hill in San Francisco, and the Playa Vista location in Los Angeles. The swap will be available on March 30 between 8 A.M and 9 A.M. local time.

After that, the beauty bags will be available for purchase for just $20. Check out some of the best buys below.

Mai-Light Rosé Highlighter

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Sleep Salt Block

Bio Baked Bronzer Powder

Whether you get a swag bag or buy your items for 25 percent off, Whole Foods is making clean beauty way more accessible.