The 'Beauty And The Beast' Soundtrack Is A+

There's nothing quite so magical as the musical score for a Disney film and the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast is no exception. The film will feature the return of some familiar voices and songs, and the artists who are on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack are truly impressive. The soundtrack is already available for pre-order on iTunes, in case you're jonesing to get your copy ASAP. Why wouldn't you? One skim of the list of songs and artists is enough to make your heart skip a beat in total excitement.

Before we get to the singers involved, a quick recap: Practically all of your favorite songs and musical themes from the original 1991 film are here. "Belle," "Gaston," "Be Our Guest," "Something There," and "Beauty and the Beast" all show up for their moment in the sun. You can also hear fragments of the classic musical score by composer Alan Menken in the film's trailer, too. In this regard, Beauty and the Beast has the "nostalgia" box ticked in a major way.

For the 2017 update, Beauty and the Beast decided to switch things up a bit. For a majority of the soundtrack, the film's cast can be heard showcasing their musical chops. There are a few surprises, though, and there are three new songs on the soundtrack from Menken that will make this new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack a must-listen. Here's a look at the artists involved:

Ariana Grande & John Legend

Perhaps the most exciting new addition to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is the appearance of Legend and Grande, singing the duet "Beauty and the Beast." Each artist has, respectively, had a fair amount of experience contributing music to big movie soundtracks. Grande recently did a duet with Stevie Wonder for the Sing soundtrack while Legend was a part of the La La Land soundtrack, singing the original song "Start A Fire."

Céline Dion

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In January it was announced Dion would sing the new Beauty and the Beast song "How Does A Moment Last Forever" for the soundtrack. The song was one of the three written by Menken specifically for the new film. The mystery around what the song actually sounds like has grown in the run up to the film's premiere because, unlike the Legend & Grande duet as well as Josh Groban's performance, the song in unavailable to stream or purchase. That said, we all know it's going to be an amazing song. This is Dion we're talking about.

Josh Groban

Groban is the final artist on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack who is not an actual part of the film. He lends his beautifully operatic pipes to his cover of the song "Evermore," a new song written by Menken for the film and sung by Dan Stevens in the film itself.

Alan Menken

Menken's musical fingerprints are all over the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast, just as they were for the 1991 original. Menken, as it has been mentioned above, has written new songs for Beauty and the Beast as well: "How Does A Moment Last Forever," "Evermore," and "Days In The Sun."

The Cast of Beauty And The Beast

Of course, what would a Disney soundtrack be without getting to hear each of the cast sing their hearts out? Every member of the cast gets their chance to shine: Emma Watson, Stevens, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline all have solos on the soundtrack, while fans are also to treated to duets from Josh Gad and Luke Evans, Watson and Stevens, and a variety of other cast members including Stanley Tucci and Ewan McGregor.

There's definitely something for everyone on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack; you need to put this one on rotation ASAP.