Tamra’s Ex-Friend Spreads Some Accusations About Her Marriage On ‘RHOC’

by Marenah Dobin

After years of breaking up and getting back together, it seems like former BFF's Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson have no shot at rekindling their best friendship this time around. The irony is that Tamra's friend Ricky Santana appeared on RHOC, spreading similar gossip to the rumors that broke up this friendship. Vicki once told Kelly Dodd about allegations that Tamra's husband Eddie Judge is "secretly gay," drawing Tamra's ire. Now another one of Tamra's former friends is sharing claims about Eddie behind her back. (Bustle has reached out to Eddie Judge, Tamra Judge, and Ricky Santana for comment.)

Ricky wasn't in the Sept. 11 episode for very long, but some long-time RHOC viewers might recognize him. He was Tamra's Man of Honor at her wedding. In 2013, Tamra posted on Facebook about her love for Ricky saying, "My man of honor @rickysantana has been a friend of mine for many years. I am sure you remember him from the 80's bunko party and many other scenes on RHOC .. thank you Ricky."

In an interview with the site BravoWatch in 2013, Ricky talked about becoming friends with Tamra. He recalled, "Tamra and I met when our kids (Cruz and Sidney) were in kindergarten together (nine years ago). We both live in Ladera Ranch just two streets from each other. We became good friends after being 'room moms' together in our kids' classes. Tamra was shy and quiet (yes you heard right) and I WASN'T. Our sons Sky and Spencer are best friends as well!"

In 2013, Ricky was gushing on his Twitter account about being in Eddie and Tamra's wedding: "What a honor 2 be "gay of honor"(maid of honor) at my beautiful friends @TamraBarney fairytale wedding 2 her love of her life @eddiejudge [sic]."

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Clearly things have changed and these two are not on the best of terms these days. Not only did Ricky show up to her enemy Vicki's birthday, but he used his screen time to spread Kelly and former Housewives Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek some accusations about Eddie. "I saw him making out with a guy," Ricky claimed. This was in response to Gretchen asking Ricky, "Do you know if Eddie's gay or not?"

Vicki tried to clarify by asking if it was a "goodbye, I'll see you later" kiss, as in an affectionate peck goodbye. Ricky claimed it was "making out with the tongue." Kelly questioned Ricky by saying, "You were Tamra's best man in her wedding. Why wouldn't you tell Tamra?"

Ricky backtracked and said, "Because I thought that was something they were just into? I thought she was OK with that." Lizzie seemed to sense the tension in Ricky and Tamra's once-close friendship. "You were best friends with her and now you're telling us all this," she said. "Because it's the truth," Ricky claimed.

This attitude towards Tamra and her relationship is a far cry from the man who tweeted back in 2012, "I've always had Ts back n always will. Simon is a good dad..tam n he just we're the wrong fit. Eddie n T are perfect 2getha. [sic]" Ricky was her ride or die and now he's hanging out with all the RHOC ladies that Tamra can't stand, spreading allegations about her husband.

Before things turned sour with Tamra, it seems that Ricky was her number one supporter. He posted this photo from her wedding with Vicki and former Housewives Lynne Curtin and Alexis Bellino.

During a 2015 Episode of Watch What Happens Live, Shannon Beador and Gretchen (who were not cast members at the same time) got into an argument about Ricky while the show went to commercial. After the commercial break, host Andy Cohen asked them about it, and Gretchen said, "We just have a difference of opinion about Tamra. That's all."

Gretchen continued, "Well I asked her about the Ricky comment so I said, ''Apparently you don't like Ricky?' and she said, 'He is a pot stirrer' and I said. 'Tamara's the biggest pot stirrer of them all.'"

After the episode, Ricky took to Twitter to explain how he went from being Tamra's go-to friend to being close with one of her nemeses. He tweeted, "I reached out 2 @GretchenRossi after I ended friendship w/TJ 2 apologize to @GretchenRossi 4 being part of anything tj did 2 GR I love GR! [sic]"

Ricky also claimed on Twitter that there was more to the story behind one of Shannon's comments, adding more layers to the drama.

Even though Ricky is very adamant about not being friends with Tamra for the past few years, he has no issue appearing on her reality show. In fact, he seems to really relish the idea. On the morning before the Sept. 11 episode, Ricky tagged Lizzie, Gretchen, and Bravo in a tweet saying, "on our way! Roll out the red carpet!"

So is Ricky spilling the real tea or is he a bitter ex-bestie with an ax to grind? Either way, neither Eddie's sexuality nor the ins-and-outs of Tamra's marriage are any of his business. Though they were once close, it's very likely that Tamra is far from thrilled by her Man of Honor's return to The Real Housewives Of Orange County.