An Ex Resurfaces In The 'Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce' Premiere

by Kayla Hawkins
Jeff Weddell/Bravo

At first, the fourth season premiere of Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce seems like it's all about work. But Abby's (Lisa Edelstein) personal relationships keep fighting for space, from being forced to parent her now sexually active teenaged daughter while her ex-husband is working abroad to how her friendships with both Barbara and Phoebe have been stretched thin by Lady Parts, her new lifestyle website. And while Abby was in in middle of networking for her site, Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce reintroduced Abby's ex-boyfriend Will (Warren Christie). He hasn't appeared on the show since Season 1, so even fans of the show might have a hard remembering the details of her relationship. But Will was a huge part of Abby's journey towards being the better-adjusted divorced woman she is now, in Season 4.

Will was the first person Abby had a relationship with after Jake, her ex-husband. In the first season of Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce, Jake was already deep in his relationship with Becca, a much younger woman, and Abby had a brief fling, but was still struggling to move on from her marriage. Will was the first man that Abby was ever able to date and see a potential future with. Unfortunately, that relationship ended badly. Abby struggled to find a way to balance her new relationship with her divorce, and after a hookup with Jake, she broke up with Will in order to give her ex one last chance. Will, rather harshly, told Abby that she was totally off-base for attempting to get back with Jake — something he apologizes for when he reappears in Season 4.

Jeff Weddell/Bravo

As with most of Abby's romantic partners, when the two parted ways, Will totally vanished from the show. Then came other boyfriends, such as Mike the baseball coach from Season 3. But Will turned out to be totally correct about Abby and Jake — the two can be fantastic co-parents, but they are deeply dysfunctional in a relationship. Back in Season 1, the character seemed a little judgmental, but he turned out to be totally right... and he's still incredibly charming.

Will's reappearance suggests that there may still be potential in Abby's abandoned relationships. But according to Edelstein's comments to Revelist, Season 4 "for Abby, is a lot about her relationship with Barbara." She told Redbook, "It's nice because the show is not just about men, it's also about girlfriends and it really digs deep into their relationships and their struggles."

Whether that means Will will be relegated to being the gatekeeper between Lady Parts and eccentric influencer Temple Hampton, covertly sending Tweets in her name, or if the season will explore another casual hookup for Abby and Will, it's not yet clear. But while the reintroduction of this Season 1 character is an intriguing part of the season premiere, it sounds like female friendships are getting the spotlight in Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce Season 4.