These Are The ‘Vanderpump’ Stars Who May Be Making The Move To Tom Tom

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seasons of Vanderpump Rules are so long that it's hard to remember what came when. Katie and Tom got married when? What trip did the gang go on when Jax stole those sunglasses? How long has Stassi been with Patrick? It's a lot. Another ongoing saga has been that of Tom Tom, the new Vanderpump restaurant that Lisa has opted to bring Schwartz and Sandoval on as partners. As seen on the show, the restaurant has made slow, steady progress, but it isn't quite open yet. For starters, Tom Tom will need staff. Luckily, Lisa has plenty of veteran servers and bartenders at her beck and call. Who will work at Tom Tom on Vanderpump Rules?

One former SURver is already talking about submitting her application. Kristen Doute, who was a SURver before Lisa fired her (Kristen had a major 'tude, so it was understandable), told Entertainment Tonight, "I've matured over the years and I think Lisa's finally starting to notice that. I think she's giving me an inch by inch." And it's that inch-by-inch mentality that Kristen is injecting into Tom Tom. She explained that she had a dinner party for Tom and Ariana, among others, so they could sample some of the vegetarian menu items that Kristen develops on her blog, Vegiholic. "I think my favorite thing to film this past summer is when they decided to kinda look into my blog," Kristen said. "[I got] to really convince that group of people, like, not my best friends. Jax [Taylor], Tom Sandoval, Ariana that what I do isn't a joke and I maybe can help out at Tom Tom a little bit."

That said, the job is definitely not hers just yet. "I think I have to convince Lisa first," Kristen noted. "And then convince Tom Sandoval, because Tom Schwartz is a pushover. Quitters never win and winners never quit." Fair enough! But Kristen shouldn't quit her day job yet, as Tom Tom doesn't even have an opening date.

"We're working on it," Tom Sandoval told Life & Style. "We'll see what happens with that. It wasn't just something that was thrown out there like a casual thought, like, 'Maybe someday we should go to Paris.' It's something that we are working on and you'll find out what happens with that."

All of this is a moot conversation, though, if Schwartz and Sandoval can't get it together to be Lisa's partners in this whole thing. These guys are in their 30s, which means they're old enough to know better when it comes to getting up early in the morning and not getting too drunk the night before. On the Mar. 5 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lisa takes the Toms to Vegas to pick out fixtures and look at the design for the restaurant. Of course, the date corresponds with Sandoval's 35th birthday, so Katie, Ariana, and Jax, and Brittany come along for the ride. I get that it's Tom's birthday, but did they have to go that hard before a big meeting with Lisa? Tom and Tom were still drunk when they showed up an hour late for their second meeting with Lisa and Ken, and they were completely disrespectful the entire time they were there.

Tom Tom is the opportunity of a lifetime for the Toms, but they're about to blow it because they can't be responsible for anything. If Lisa Vanderpump is giving you the keys to the castle, you take the keys and you do whatever she says to keep them. The Toms need to step up to the plate, or else they're going to be stuck in Never Never Land with the rest of the lost boys of Los Angeles — and behind the bar at SUR.