Kristen Doute Has An Idea For Tom Sandoval's Restaurant But It Sounds DISASTROUS

Charles Sykes/Bravo

If you thought Stassi Schroeder coming back to work for Lisa Vanderpump as a party planner was shocking, you may want to brace yourself on a velour SUR chair for this twist. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kristen Doute said she wants to help with Tom Sandoval’s restaurant. Yes, Kristen wants to be a part of Tom Tom, the yet-to-be-opened establishment that Lisa is working on with Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. Of all the wild things that’ve happened on Vanderpump Rules, Kristen angling for a job at her ex-boyfriend’s restaurant might be right up there with former enemies Jax Taylor and James Kennedy hanging out and knocking back absinthe like old buddies.

In the aforementioned ET interview, Kristen also revealed that Sandoval and Ariana Madix come to her apartment for dinner in an upcoming episode of Pump Rules. Yes, Kristen invited her ex and her ex’s current girlfriend (who also happens to be the person Kristen suspected Sandoval cheated on her with) over for a four-course dinner so she could show off some vegetarian dishes.

A long time ago, on a Pump Rules season far, far away, Kristen and Sandoval ended their tumultuous relationship once and for all, and Sandoval began dating Ariana. And with that, Kristen's feud with Sandoval and Ariana was off and running. The three eventually ended up on friendly terms, but it took many tears, fights, and Miami Girl moments to get to that point. But hey, they got there: Kristen and Ariana are no longer nemeses, and Kristen and Sandoval seem to be at peace with each other. Anything is possible, including a professional collaboration between Sandoval and Kristen.

As Kristen explained to ET, she asked Sandoval and Ariana over for supper so she could show them what her vegetarian lifestyle blog, Vegiholic, is all about, and possibly parlay the evening into a gig. She told the entertainment news site,

“It was really to convince that group of people that what I do isn’t a joke, and maybe I could help out at Tom Tom … I’m trying to get my foot in the door. I think I have to convince Lisa first.”

Ah, there’s the rub. While their relationship isn’t as fraught as it was back when Lisa fired Kristen from SUR, the two aren’t exactly super close. However, Kristen told ET that she believes she’s slowly but surely working her way back into Lisa's good graces, so her chances of joining the Tom Tom team may not be that slim. And thank Giggy for that.

The future eatery that was named after Sandoval and Schwartz isn't up and running quite yet, but it appears to be coming along. When Bravo’s The Daily Dish asked Schwartz for a Tom Tom update earlier this month, he replied,

“It’s coming along, Tom Tom’s coming along. Yeah, it’s happening. We’re super excited. It’s maybe 60 percent done. We went in there with Ken and Lisa the other day and we just looked around the space and how much progress has been made and it’s such a gorgeous spot. They transformed this little square retail space into this really cool, unique environment. It’s going to be something special.”

And it looks like Kristen wants to be part of that something special. Oh, and that something special sure sounds like a recipe for reality TV mayhem. Sure, Kristen and Sandoval working together again may be fine and chill and mellow, but remember.... it's Kristen and Sandoval. Given their history, no one can be too sure about how it'd play out.

To think, just three seasons ago, Kristen was screaming obscenities at her now-former manager out on the patio of SUR. And now, it sounds like she might be trying to bring her vegetarian-friendly fare to Sandoval, Schwartz, Lisa, and Ken Todd's restaurant. And much like Sandoval's trumpet solo on James and Lala Kent's song, that storyline really would be something special.