Why Adele May Stop Touring Makes Total Sense


Adele may be known for her incredible live performances, but now, those might be over indefinitely. During Wednesday night's concert at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom, Adele announced she's done touring, possibly for good. And although this news certainly comes as heartbreaking to her fans, especially those who have yet to score tickets to one of her concerts, it sounds like it's the right choice for the "Hello" singer to take a step back from life on the road.

The announcement came via a handwritten note directly from Adele that was slipped into the programs distributed at the show. In the note, she explained that after 123 shows promoting her latest album release, 25, she doesn't know if she'll ever tour again, so it was important to her to have that last show at home in the UK. She added that touring was something she'd always done for her fans, and that until now, she'd had a "terrible history" of touring.

Communicating with fans in her own handwriting is something Adele's made a tradition out of; at the end of her shows on this tour, confetti falls down covered in her lyrics, and she's added updated notes to her tour books in the past. But this time, her letter is different.

Adele wrote:

This isn't the first time Adele has opened up about her dislike for touring, so this announcement probably doesn't come as a shock to most fans. Last year, she admitted she hates touring, but does it as a way to connect with those who love her music.

But over the last few years, Adele's life has changed so much — in the ways that she allows us to see, anyway. She's become a mom, and it hasn't been that long since she tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Simon Konecki sometime in 2016. Her world looks a little different now. And if she's uncomfortable with touring for the time being, it's good to see that she's decided to do what's right for her.

Besides, it's not like she announced she's retiring from music — just staying off the road for now. She's given the last couple of years to her fans, and now, she gets to just do her for awhile... and make up for all that lost time with her son, Angelo. She'll be missed on stage, but after how hard she's worked, it's awesome she's finally getting that long deserved break she needs.