Why Are People Mad At Kylie Jenner’s Camo Swimsuits?

by Alexa Tucker

Whenever Kylie Jenner reveals a new product, the world pretty much collectively loses its mind over it (see: Kylie Jenner lip kits, et. al.) So when Kylie Jenner's camo bikinis dropped on Thursday morning, things were no different. But many fans and critics alike have pointed out something pretty important and thought-provoking about her latest merch: Some are calling Kylie Jenner's camo swimsuits cultural appropriation, because she didn't exactly start the trend. Destiny's Child did it way back when, wearing camo tops and bottoms in their "Survivor" music video in 2003. (Let's just take a quick moment of appreciation for "Survivor" while we're here.)

As Teen Vogue points out, Perez Hilton sort of got the ball rolling with a tweet saying that Jenner was trying to make camo swimsuits a thing. To which the internet said, these already were a thing, and Jenner isn't starting a trend here — she's repurposing one, according to many. This isn't Jenner's first brush with cultural appropriation either. She's been taken to task over her cornrows, wigs, and dreadlocks before. And with the camo collection overall, she's also been accused of ripping off street style designers.

In any case, many have an issue with Jenner's latest venture being labeled as a trend simply because she's given it a white stamp of approval. This is one of the issues at the very heart of cultural appropriation, so no matter what you think about this incident in particular, it is a good opportunity to step back and consider why this could be problematic.

Naturally, Twitter users have some things to share. Like this original clapback at Perez.

Another echoed that sentiment.

Seriously, not today, another wrote.

While some are drawing comparisons to to Destiny's Child, others are pointing out extreme similarities to street style designers.

Some people went the sarcastic route.

And others are just jealous.

What's next, some ask?

Some expressed their opinions in GIFs.

And the rest? Just straight-up feelings.

To see the collection for yourself, head over to The Kylie Shop.