Here's Everything We Know About That Surprise 'Celebrity Big Brother' Exit

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Celebrity Big Brother only just started airing and it's already had its first casualty. Anthony Scaramucci left Celebrity Big Brother, and everyone's pretty confused about it. The show hasn't had its first elimination yet. So while The Mooch was on the block, it wasn't an elimination vote that sent him packing. So why isn't The Mooch on Celebrity Big Brother anymore?

Fans first noticed the former White House Director of Communications' disappearance when the live feeds were turned on after Tuesday's show. The houseguests were commenting on how his memory wall photo hadn't yet gone gray like most eliminated houseguests' do, and he was very clearly not on the premises. Now, not only do viewers want to know why, but it sounds like the houseguests are confused too.

Tom and Kato talked on the live feeds about his exit, wondering if the audience had been told The Mooch was a mole. It sounds like whether Scaramucci left on his own or was ejected by some kind of twist, the full story hasn't been revealed to even the other competitors yet.

According to TODAY, in Season 12 of Big Brother, one of the contestants was a "saboteur" and not a real player vying for the cash prize. Essentially this player was "a mole among the houseguests to do viewers' bidding and disrupt the players' lives." But in that instance, fans were in on the secret. So far we don't know anything about why Scaramucci would have left. Everything he's said up to this point indicated that he wanted to stay and play. He even said at the close of Wednesday's pre-taped episode that he's not a quitter.

But he may not have quit after all. At the end of Wednesday's episode, it was revealed that "a shocking new twist will send a second celebrity packing" and viewers will learn about it on Friday. Perhaps Scaramucci fell victim to this twist and was eliminated before he could even make it to the live vote and eviction.

Entertainment Weekly reported that since leaving the show after six days (less than his brief White House stint lasted), he appeared at a business conference in Switzerland. According to EW, TMZ obtained footage of The Mooch discussing his exit there. "I just left the Big Brother house … you have to tune in Friday to understand what happened… Unfortunately, I signed a confidentiality [agreement], but there's a little bit of a cliffhanger." He added that being on the show was "a tremendous amount of fun."

It's possible that Scaramucci decided to leave of his own accord to go back to his business activities (like this conference he attended). But since the series has already been filled with wild game shake-ups, it's equally possible he fell prey to an "expect the unexpected" twist.

In any case, the full story will be revealed on Friday and another houseguest on the block will also get sent home. One week in and CBB is already a blood bath. Just like Washington D.C.... Scaramucci must have felt right at home before he got booted/quit.