Why Did Danielle M. Leave 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She Couldn't Pass Up A Really Cool Opportunity

Bob D'Amico/ABC

As fun as it seems to be a part of the Bachelor in Paradise cast, it's not always the relaxing beach vacation it looks like on TV... and sometimes, that leads to people leaving before the rose ceremony rolls around. Unfortunately, on Tuesday night's episode, Danielle M. decided to make her exit after not making a connection with any of the men in Paradise. So why did Danielle M. leave Bachelor in Paradise? As it turns out, not only was she struggling in the love department, but she also got a way better offer she just couldn't pass up.

At first, it seemed like there could be something between her and Wells, since they had all that history. But that wasn't enough to keep her there, and Danielle seemed to realize that her priorities were somewhere else. She had the opportunity to work as a nurse in Africa for a few weeks, and even though she's already back, it seems like she had an amazing time.

According to Danielle's Instagram, she worked with an organization called the Lwala Community Alliance. She took her pediatric skills to a hospital in Kenya, where she helped care for children there. Right before she left this cool job, she shared this photo:

Her caption said:

If you're going to leave Paradise, it might as well be to save some tiny humans, right? Danielle may not have found love this summer the way that she hoped, but she definitely changed the lives of some very deserving kids.