Sorry 'Fuller House' Fans, But The Matt Vs. Steve Debate Has A Clear Winner

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Since Fuller House's began streaming on Netflix, fans of the sitcom have been fully invested — and divided — about D.J., Steve, and Matt love triangle. She had finally made a decision last year, but why D.J. picked Matt on Fuller House Season 2 seemed to come down to one main thing: timing. That's not to take anything away from Matt, who is a great guy and also happens to be D.J.'s colleague at her veterinarian office. But she confessed in the Season 2 finale that her original choice was her high school sweetheart Steve, who D.J. dated in the original '90s series.

Let's rewind a little bit. Season 1 ended with both Matt and Steve in love with D.J. and asking her to choose one of them. She chooses neither of them, not wanting to jump into another relationship so soon after her late husband Tommy had died. By the time D.J. was ready to make her choice in Season 2, Matt and Steve had become best friends — and both had girlfriends. Midway through the season, Matt breaks up with his girlfriend Crystal after he realizes he still has feelings for D.J. Matt and D.J. begin dating and it goes really well. He celebrates Thanksgiving together with the Tanner, Fuller, and Gibbler families.

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Of course, D.J.'s feelings for Steve still linger at their high school reunion and throughout the holidays. On New Year's Eve, D.J. coaches Steve through his proposal to his girlfriend C.J. and she helps them get engaged at her party. The next morning, D.J. tells Kimmy and Stephanie that when she made her choice earlier in the season, she originally picked Steve, but she shrugs it off. "I just thought after all these years we should see if we were meant to be together," D.J. tells Kimmy and Stephanie. "But it doesn't matter now. I'm really happy with Matt."

Viewers were left to wonder if D.J. chose Matt simply because Steve wasn't available at the time. If she were faced with the same decision in Season 3, would she still pick Steve or would her choice be Matt? Viewers may find out in the upcoming season, which drops on Netflix on Sept. 22. Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin told TVLine that D.J. and Steve's will-they-or-won't-they storyline will be wrapped up this year.

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“We wanted to throw some obstacles in their way, which we’ve done," Franklin said. "We know where D.J.’s heart is, but Steve doesn’t. And I don’t think D.J. is fully aware of how Steve may or may not be feeling. That big, messy situation will get resolved in the two halves of the season.”

It sounds like D.J. and Matt's relationship may get tested by some opportune timing for D.J. and Steve in Season 3. A resolution could go either way for fans: maybe this means that D.J. and Steve may get their chance at love as adults or they may decide to move on and let go of their teenage romance. Timing played a big role in D.J.'s decision and it could play a part in how D.J. and Steve's storyline ends as well.

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Matt and D.J.'s own storyline has had a fair amount of good timing. In Season 1, D.J. was initially interested in Matt and they kissed once D.J. realized she's ready to start dating again. In Season 2, Matt and D.J. operate on the Fuller family dog Cosmo after the pup swallows a corn cob by accident. It's a surgery that ultimately leads to Matt breaking up with Crystal and confessing his love to D.J. Matt and D.J. were set to take their first trip together, but she and Matt cancel when the kids and D.J. get food poisoning from some donuts. Matt winds up taking care of everyone — and D.J. catches a sweet moment in which Matt bonds with her three sons.

D.J. may not have originally chosen Matt, but he turned out to be a pretty good choice for D.J. during Fuller House Season 2, but will he be the one for D.J. in Season 3, too?