D.J. Makes Her Choice On 'Fuller House'

There was one burning question every Full House fan wanted answered when the reboot hit Netflix for its second season: would D.J. pick Steve or Matt on Fuller House Season 2? The first run ended with her choosing herself and opting to not commit to either man, but Season 2 opened with her having made a choice. SPOILERS AHEAD. Unfortunately, by the time Deej was ready to pick someone, they'd both moved on with new girlfriends. About halfway through the season, though, Matt broke up with his girlfriend and started dating D.J., while Steve kept dating his D.J. lookalike, C.J. But who won her heart in the end? D.J. chose Matt on Fuller House , but it's more complicated than that. In the final episode she revealed that she had originally intended to choose Steve because of their history together.

However, after she saw how happy Steve was with C.J., she decided to let him be. Besides, D.J. was pretty happy with Matt anyway, so it all worked out. I mean, in her head it did. As a viewer it's almost insane that she's letting Steve be happy with C.J. when he's clearly just trying to replace D.J. with a more lackluster version. But, I'd always liked Matt better anyway, so I'm fine with D.J.'s decision, so long as it's what's making her happiest.

Still, should Fuller House return for Season 3, I think it would be all too easy for the Matt vs. Steve debate to open up once again. D.J. didn't really seem all that over Steve, he definitely isn't over her, and, ultimately, fans probably want them to end up toegether. (I don't, but I'm just one human.) Seeing them dance at their high school reunion was pretty telling, too. Their chemistry is still strong. When explaining to Kimmy and Steph who she was originally going to pick, she said, "I just thought after all these years [Steve and I] should see if we were meant to be together. But it doesn't matter now. I'm really happy with Matt."

And, maybe she is for now. If Fuller House comes to a close after this season, Deej got a good ending. And, if there are more episodes, well, Steve is always out there — and I'm sure he'd much rather be with D.J. than C.J.

Image: Michael Yarish/Netflix; Giphy